ASH Heaton Moor

In South Manchester, there’s a salon known for being “a bit different”. A former upholstery shop where upcycled fabric and machinery play a key role in the decor: a chandelier made out of vintage hairdryers, an old mini as reception, a section formed by a roll-top bath. This is true flair which is also seen in the creative hairdressing services on offer: all combining to make this a stylish and contemporary destination salon. 

  • Kevin Murphy Session stylist awardees
  • Prague Fashion Week team members
  • Owner Ash was a Member of the Schwarzkopf Young Artistic Team
  • Holders of Kevin.Murphy Colour Me Masters, Cut Me Curved & Braid Me Advanced qualifications

The buzz has been incredible, but really it's been the product selling itself through the amazing results.

The team at ASH Heaton Moor are passionate about training and discovering new products. KeraStraight founder, Jez, visited the salon to share with the team the opportunities KeraStraight treatments & products can create. He created such a buzz that the team started to offer the full KeraStraight product range including Intense Boost, Ultimate Oil, Texture Creme, Moisture Mist and Heat Protect. Today, clients ring the salon saying ‘I saw that look on your Instagram’ and they are buzzing about the effect KeraStraight has on hair.

Ash explains how they discovered KeraStraight and how it satisfies clients demanding a treatment that removes frizz and makes their hair more manageable.

“After loads of research for the healthiest way to protect hair, we discovered KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment. Our staff were the guinea pigs and their reaction was unreal! They insisted we offer the treatment in-salon and promoted it heavily from then on. You can see the change in the client’s hair between “before and after” the treatment: it’s amazing, and it is so easy for clients to care for their hair at home. We have a die-hard straightener fan who hasn't touched her straighteners since having a KeraStraight treatment.”

My hair is off-the-scale gorgeous. That straight stuff may have just changed my life. If life was only about hair...which it currently is as I’m swishing it around continuously like I'm in a ‘She just stepped out the salon advert’, blinding people with my expensive shine...then Boom!

KeraStraight: boosting profits and our reputation

Ash goes onto share how happy clients are boosting her profits.

“The difference KeraStraight has made for our clients is noticeable. Hair is shinier and more manageable, it has a much faster drying time, it’s sleeker and less frizzy, and it’s way healthier. Something that surprised us but has been a huge plus for many clients is how some hair colour build-up has lifted in a healthy way without any damage. It’s meant clients have had the chance to experiment with new colours, especially those whose hair would have compromised if bleach or lifting products were used. And a client with really short, super-thick hair who has always struggled to grow it, had the Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment. Two days later she ran into the salon ecstatically saying ‘run your fingers through my hair’! She loved it and has now been able to grow her hair and have different styles.

When you have clients telling you that their hair feels thicker & has shine that is "unreal" or hair that "feels like a wig, not my hair"; that their thick hair has been "debulked" and colour feels "fresher and more vibrant", then you know that KeraStraight is having a real, positive impact, which has been amazing for our business. ASH Heaton Moor did 60 KeraStraight Ultimate treatments in the first two months alone, boosting profits and they are now enjoying continual repeat business. The style and homecare products sell themselves, adding to our business success.  KeraStraight treatments have helped raise the profile of their KeraStraight ambassador, enticing in new clients and building trust with existing clients.  It really is a win-win-win for everyone!

OH MY GOD! I've just washed and dried my hair for the first time since my KeraStraight, and I’ll admit I was sceptical, but I didn't even try and dry it straight, I literally pointed my rubbish hairdryer at my head and hoped for the best and I've not had to use my straighteners at all!

ASH Heaton Moor client

We also asked the ASH Heaton Moor team about their favourite style & colour. Here are their answers:

We love the long bob (or LOB). It’s so fab as it’s a manageable length, it’s trendy, and celebs like Kim K. are sporting them.

Our current favourite colours are warmer hues such as coppers. We think that with the change of seasons these shades will become even more popular. Vivids pink are a big favourite amongst the staff at the moment.

As for styling, we are loving mermaid waves: they are undone, textured and a new take on the beachy waves that were so popular over the summer.