Fringe Benefits - Gloucester

Amazing hair, every day! 

That’s the adage at Fringe Benefits in Gloucester. The whole team is passionate about creating the healthiest head of hair possible and encouraging its’ ongoing care as part of every clients’ daily routine. This is why Fringe Benefits is consistently voted Gloucester’s top salon and clients travel for miles to visit their team.  

The Ultimate Endorsement

When clients tell us they want amazing hair and are not satisfied with “just OK”, we explain how their cut and colour will be transformed with an Intense Boost treatment and recommend it every time they visit. We know that it will improve the condition of their hair, nourishing it and adding great shine, and it will give them stress-free maintenance of their style.    

When I heard about Intense Boost Plus, I was so excited to see if it could deliver improve the hair. We tried it and were amazed. It really takes treatments to the next level - maximising the hairs’ health and strength.

My advice to all salons is if you want to make a difference to how your clients walk out of your salon, you have to give this a go.”