Spotlight on Ian Kelly Organic Hair

Organic hair care is so much more than just the latest trend.

Don’t believe us?

Meet Ian Kelly, he’s been championing organic hair products since he opened his salon in Crouch End, North London in 1996. That’s before organic hair care was even popular. 

But that didn’t deter Ian, in fact it’s what’s propelled him. He had a vision: “to improve the condition of the hair, and the well-being of the person.” And for Ian that meant using products that contained the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients, and the minimum amount of chemicals.

Fast-forward over 20 years, and Ian is still taking hair TLC to another level. Leaving his Crouch End salon, he opened his eponymous salon in Harpenden, Hertfordshire; Ian Kelly Organic Hairdressing (just in case you didn’t know, he loves organic) 5 years ago.

Last year, Ian was looking to not only rebrand his Harpenden store (#IKOH), he was also on the brink of opening a new salon in Hitchin, also Hertfordshire. 

Well, rebranding, done. New salon, open. What’s next for Ian and his revolutionary (and now ever-so-popular) organic approach to hair…

Ian, it sounds like you’re still pushing the boundaries. How’s the Harpenden salon?

The Harpenden salon is continuing to go from strength to strength, with new enthusiastic staff members, and we are seeing our ‘emerging talent’ starting to come through and run their own columns. 

You’re at the forefront of this ever-changing industry, what are you noticing?

I feel the industry is getting bigger and better. It’s more varied as hairdressers choose their own paths, creating their own futures, with social media, in particular, giving much greater scope for self-promotion and a window into their world.

It’s a huge industry, one that will feed your ambition and creativity. But it’s the human element that still keeps me interested. This industry creates a positive feeling and that is very powerful.

It’s also to be noted in the current climate, that as far as I’m aware, in terms of pay and opportunity gender has never been an issue in hairdressing. 

So bigger, better, varied – and dare we say – still growing, how do you keep up and stand out?

Training is key, as not only does it educate, it inspires. And it’s the inspiration that I feel is key to staying in touch with trends and ideas. 

I think the only way to stand out in the crowd is to be yourself, and to have faith in what you believe. There is, after all only one of you! 

We love that! Individualism. Have you seen that emerge as a trend; clients embracing their uniqueness?

I have been noticing clients looking for haircuts that support natural texture, and that can be left with their own finish, maybe dressed with product, but not excessively styled with heat, for an easy regimen, and a cool, individual look.

It’s a nod to the 90s, but with more movement.

Would you say that KeraStraight lends itself nicely to the 90s trend?

KeraStraight is the perfect partner with this approach, as it refines the natural texture, and can help create more, even softer movement.

We know, we know, we shouldn’t have favourites…but as you’ve been a partner of ours for 3 years, and if you just had to, what would you choose?

Of course, the Ultimate Treatment is a game changing product. But I’m also a huge fan of the Intense Boost Treatment. For clients wanting to keep their hair in great shape, and do themselves at home I always recommend the protein and Moisture Masks.

Though, our best seller is the Ultimate Oil... we don’t have to sell it, just put it on a client’s hair, and the product sells itself. 

Funny you should say that as Ultimate Oil’s now also award-winning! And we love that it sells itself.

In fact, we love it when clients are able to recreate healthy hair at home with KeraStraight products. What styling tips would you give to help people use products at home?

Let products do the work.... don’t try to make your hair do something it doesn’t want to. Help it do what it does want to. And make it look cool with colour! 

KeraStraight Root Boost is fab on medium length hair, or bobs for sleek shiny hair.

Pulling Rescue Crème through the ends of curly hair will add moisture, then texture over that will help create wave and curl in hair with movement. In both cases, apply to damp hair, arrange hair, leave alone till dry (up in a towel, or t-shirt for the curly hair) then either brush through or pull hands through for a natural look, with texture.

Wow. Talk about something for everyone. What’s next for you? 

The future looks great. I think we will be involved with more training from individuals we connect with on Insta.

Inspiring clients to opt for cutting and colour choices that stand out from the crowd, but are easy to live with. 

On a personal level I have a project that involves the new salon, that I’m looking forward to sharing with you as soon as it’s up and running …watch this space.  

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