A day in the life of Trevor Sorbie's hair team at LFW: Bella Chouhan

Bella’s list of achievements is nothing short of incredible. So let’s start with her official job role: she is a Top Stylist at Trevor Sorbie’s Richmond salon. In the last couple of years alone Bella has been a regional finalist for the L'Oréal Colour Trophy Men's Image Award, and will be competing again soon this year for the main Colour Trophy. She is a  go-to for product knowledge in the team, and is currently helping to put together an exciting beauty event for the salon. Her next career move will see her focus on education, both working with assistants undergoing training in the salon, and also within her role as KeraStraight Coordinator for Trevor Sorbie. She is also a proud member of the Trevor Sorbie Art Team 2, which is a platform for up-and-coming talent in the company to showcase their work, and gain valuable experience working on shows, seminars and backstage.

She is also the KeraStraight coordinator for Trevor Sorbie International and teaches members of the team throughout the company about the brand's innovative products and treatments. Before KeraStraight, Bella was never into straightening treatments as she found them invasive and often found they gave her and clients headaches. Having come from a family of homeopaths Bella loves all things natural. However, after being with the Trevor Sorbie’s team for a year, she gave undertook KeraStraight training which changed everything. Since then she has been a huge supporter of KeraStraight, believing in the results the products always deliver.

We get an exciting insight into Bella’s world of creativity at London Fashion Week and explore her day in the life as part of the Trevor Sorbie team.

5:00am So it's the morning of fashion week, Friday 5am to be exact, and I might be sleepy but I’m buzzing! It's the debut sponsorship of KeraStraight and I'm feeling a bit proud. This is exactly the excitement I want to see with the brand and with Trevor Sorbie being the sole styling team for the events. Working with these designers is great as they seem to have made pieces that I'd wear myself.

6:15 I tried to be a hero and put everything into one massive rucksack and shortly after leaving the house I realise that was a mistake. I’m now balancing my body with a bag the size of the moon and trying to turn a face of pain into a smile.

7:45 I arrive at the Royal Society of Arts and see the amazing venue and find the Trevor Sorbie team. Everyone's got their game face on and it's an awesome atmosphere (very coffee fueled). I didn't know what to expect from the venue but it's cool; quirky yet elegant, an underground space with arched brick walls  — I love it.

This show was different to others as it wasn't going to be a catwalk but a live presentation, each lasting 2 hours. Photographers and guests can walk in and around the models taking in the look for its entirety, meaning that the hair needed to be completely on point: just the kind of pressure I like to work under. As a team, Trevor Sorbie never create 2D looks, we aim for 360° precision. With KeraStraight mirroring this perfectionism and guaranteed to deliver results, the fusion of skills and taste with their products is flawless!

8:30 So, we split into 2 teams. We're in separate rooms but are always popping in and out to help each other where we can. I jump between the two sections to get a really clear idea on what looks each team will be working on. We set up our sections and get prepared for the first show. Each section is set up with KeraStraight straightener, Ultimate Oil, Moisture Mist, Root Spray, Glossing Texture, Rescue Cream, Trevor Sorbie Sea Salt Spray, the GM Gel and a water spray. My section is going to headed up by Tizianna. We'd already gone over the looks the night before at our Covent Garden salon once the girls had arrived from Manchester. Tizianna picks the first model to arrive for this show and demos exactly what we need to do, taking into account differences in the hairline to make sure we get the models as uniform areas possible.

9:00 The models arrive and I get to work on a beautiful, very tall oriental girl, with long thick permed hair. She's an absolute sweetheart! I combine KeraStraight’s Moisture Mist and Heat Protector as the base. Using Root Gel and water I comb section by section to nape of the neck. I create the finger wave also using layers of Root Gel and pull each section into place before securing.

10:30 As the models filter out, we get a few minutes of rest and refuel — it’s been a hectic morning already! I’m in need of a coffee.

A day in the life of Bella from Trevor Sorbie

11:00  Prep begins for the second presentation. We analyse each model to see what sort of styling each will need to create a natural and tousled look. My model has naturally thick waves in a beautiful deep copper shade, so for the look, her hair didn't need much work at all. I use the Root Gel to create a messy windswept look with a matt finish. We then got to work adding four to five fishtail plaits to each model depending on the thickness of their hair. My model needed around six, with two pulled in to frame the face, hidden below the crown but still visible from the front.

11:30  Let the plaiting commence! Whilst we were plaiting the hair there was this sudden calm, a really fiddly job with such small sections which forced us all to slow down a little. Unlike the rush and panic of the rest of the day, we found ourselves feeling a tad sleepy and dazing into space — giving us all the giggles when someone walked into the backstage area. Soon enough, though, the pace picked up, adding the finishing touches to the looks.

After finishing the plaits I added some root boosting dust through the hair, securing them in place by backcombing. By making them just visible, creeping underneath the hair, the overall effect look was whimsical and slightly medieval. To finish, I added a touch more Root Gel and scrunched some Ultimate Oil to give it a natural hold.

12:30pm The second presentation is starting to get underway. The team stays in their position to make any small changes as models circulate through outfit changes. Eketerina’s presentation looks stunning: full of fresh flowers and women of all different ages.

13: 00 Time to wind down, I bump into some familiar faces throughout the day and get some amazing feedback from those who attended all of the presentations. The whole day has been high pressure, but fun too with the makeup teams being good giggle — it’s so much easier to work when you’re surrounded by great people!

13:30 I pack up our station ready for all of our products and equipment to be taken back to the Trevor Sorbie Salon. Now time for a  big drink and chill out for me, but not for long before I head off to an exhibition. Overall the glimpses of models and shows we did see were amazing: what a way for KeraStraight to make a statement! I’m also so proud of the Trevor Sorbie team, who showed how diverse and tasteful we are. I enjoyed my London Fashion Week experience from start to finish — although a fully booked Saturday of clients the next day was a bit painful!

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