Get the look: face framing fringes

A great fringe can make or break a look. Far from simply hanging on the forehead, they can instantly create a new statement, but can also spell disaster if over styled. Catwalks world over have taken inspiration from two distinct eras who perfected the powerful fringe: the 1930’s and 70’s. Representing two distinct contrasts, the 30’s finger wave and 70’s parted fringe, show the way a fringe can transform your style in seconds.

Want to make a change, without the commitment of a cut? The fantastic Trevor Sorbie team are here to give their top tips on how to rock a face-framing fringe.

The flirty finger wave

This style may look complicated, but it’s simple to channel this sophisticated flapper girl look. Start with damp hair, moistened with a little water. Use a comb to pull your fringe or a few hairs out from around the hairline, and sleek back your remaining locks towards the crown of the head. Secure this section in place with a little KeraStraight Root Lift Spray Gel, and comb through for a sleek finish.

Now to the main event! Tiziana Di Marcelli, one of the head stylists from Trevor Sorbie at LFW gave shows us how, “with your fingers manipulate your loose hairs forward to form wave-like shapes which come onto the face. Work from the parting down the hair, using Glossing Texture Crème to seal the waves in place. Finish by blasting your style with a quality blow dryer to set in place: essential for constant changes at LFW!”.  And there you have it — an elegant style that will last the whole day through.

Parted perfection

The next style is more casual in its approach: perfect for daytime wear, or to dress down a glamorous gown. The laid back luxe look requires minimal styling but is dependent on your style. If you already have a full fringe you’re in luck. Simply take KeraStraight’s Moisture Mist and dampen your fringe specifically. Apply a little Glossing Texture Crème to the very ends of your fringe and use your finger tips to split at your natural parting. Gently pull to either side, sweeping outward to create a tousled ‘curtain effect’.

For those of you who are not fortunate enough to have a full fringe, don’t worry you can create the same style instantly. Take two longer pieces from the front of your hair and bring them forward, creating the same shape at the edges of the forehead. Use a kirby grip to secure the ends behind the ear to create a  ‘faux fringe’ effect. Finish with a little Root Lift Spray Gel to keep in place.

Clothing coordination

Your hair is integral to your overall look: something which can work to highlight key elements or provide playful juxtaposition. Take the finger wave, of course, this naturally lends itself to more feminine wear harking back to its original flapper girl roots. But why not try pairing with a structured modern outfit, a striking contrast to sharply tailored pieces such as those seen at Judy Wu’s SS/17 presentation.

When it comes to the relaxed 70’s vibe, this, of course, exudes more casual styling, as seen in Steven Tai’s ‘sloth-inspired’ collection at LFW. However, it can also add a feminine softness to a statement gown or co-ord.

Whichever you go for, be sure to take the advice of the Trevor Sorbie team and wear your style with confidence! For more styling inspiration, take a look around our LFW blog.