Get the look: high-shine wet look

If there is one hairstyle which has become a staple for fashion week catwalks worldwide, it’s the high shine wet look. Gone are the days when a damp do was to be avoided at any cost, now designers often request this versatile style to complement their clothing collections. Much like many catwalk looks however, you might think that such a striking style might not be achievable without salon expertise. With the risk of your hair just looking greasy or like you really have been caught in a storm, it can seem a risky look to pull off.

That’s why we’ve got the expert advice from some of the team from Trevor Sorbie, our global ambassadors. So why not find out how you can achieve fashion week-worthy wet look hair, and make sure your new look is more sophisticated sleek than looking like you forgot your umbrella.

Working out the high-shine wet look

The key to achieving the perfect wet look with a high shine finish is your product. When it comes to a high shine wet look, a great quality hair oil is essential. Many hair oils are purely based on poor quality silicone to deliver the level of shine and conditioning effects they promise. Initially, silicone seals off the frizz, however you might find that you’re new silicone based hair oil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Silicone builds up on the hair, which doesn’t always wash out with a simple shampoo rinse. This can lead to a build up which eventually weighs down the hair and can leave it looking dull and flat — the exact opposite of what you need it to be for your high shine look. Instead, go for a product which combines high-quality silicones with natural oils such as the Ultimate Oil. This includes a blend of nine naturally occurring oils which encourage silicone to absorb and nourish the hair, rather than coat it.

Tiziana Di Marcelli, one of the team head stylists for LFW from the fantastic Trevor Sorbie gives you the lowdown on how to create catwalk worthy shine, “We worked two different wet look styles at LFW: one slicked back and one more rugged. But regardless of which you’re going for start with dry hair, optimally not hair that has just been washed as this will aid the hold. For a super slicked look work a few drops of oil through the hair section by section, starting with the root and finishing with the tips. Comb back through the hair, away from the hairline as you go, to create a silken-esque finish.  For a more ruffled style, use the same technique, but use your hands as the comb. Use your fingertips to create a more messy windswept style, shaking and lifting the fingers throughout the hair to add an element of movement.”

It’s as simple as that! There’s no harm in leaving the oil in as it will only work to hydrate the hair and protect it from the elements. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse on your next wash before shampooing.

High shine finish

With such a striking look you might be wondering what you can pair it with. Of course, the choice is yours, but we’d advise to keep it simple. Steer clear of any hard or heavy eye makeup, unless you’re going deliberately gothic.

Keep your complexion dewy with a light BB cream or tinted moisturiser to reduce any redness on the skin. Finish with a light shimmering highlighter on your cheekbones, brow arch, the centre of the nose, inner corners of the eyes and cupids bow. This will emphasise your features, and also add to the natural radiant effect.

Curl the eyelashes and use a lengthening mascara to give a wide-eyed look. Finish by filling in the eyebrows to frame the face. If you’re looking to venture out for the evening, a strong red lip is a perfect accompaniment to give a hint of sultry femininity to your overall style.

So whether you’re sporting a smart pencil skirt, or more casual Mom jean and tee combo, you can adapt your high-shine wet look to suit. Wear your wet look hair with pride, and get ready to make heads turn!

For more style inspiration and expert tips from the Trevor Sorbie take around our London Fashion Week blog.