Get the look: "I woke up like this"

It’s the low maintenance look we’ve all been waiting for: the bed head.  This simple look has rocked fashion weeks and their catwalks all over the world over the past few months. That ‘just got out-of-bed’ vibe was favored this season across London Fashion Week by models and guests. Amongst the designers who requested this look was the innovative Steven Tai to compliment his ‘sleep now work later’ ethos.

For those of us who aren’t as lucky to rise out of our beds with untamed locks looking photoshoot ready, you’ve more than likely envied those that can at least once or twice. If you’ve been daring enough to try a natural mane, you more than likely opted for a bun as the look didn’t quite work the way you wanted it too. Well, now you can master it at home, as we’ve got some expert advice from the talented experts at our Global Ambassador’s at Trevor Sorbie.

Getting to grips with the bedhead

You still might be feeling a little apprehensive about this look, especially if you think your hair texture won’t work and needs to be styled in a specific way. But that’s not true, this look can be achieved whatever hair type or texture you have. The secret is your product. Our Moisture Mist is a weapon you can apply to almost any hairstyle to achieve the ultimate bedhead. Use after washing and blow drying your hair, or, for an even more relaxed look let your hair dry naturally.

But what’s the best way to use the mist to get the perfect bed head look? Bella Chouhan, a key part of the Trevor Sorbie team at LFW gave us her top tip, “It’s actually pretty simple! Lightly mist the product from the roots down to the ends of your hair, from around 6 inches or closer. Then use a flat paddle brush and a hair dryer, to defuse any frizz — I love how versatile the product is!”

The final ingredient to the ‘just woke up’ texture, is the Root Spray Gel.  This is the key to styling your hair and holding it into your preferred messy look. To apply this effectively for the slept-in edge, spray the gel into your hand and rub it through your crown and fringe area. This gel adds volume and structure to your rebellious look, so it is up to you how dishevelled or laid back you want to go.

If you have untamable curly locks or irritating flyaways, you can use the KeraStraight Titanium Iron on hair lightly sprayed with KeraStraight Heat Protection to smooth out the crazy and soften your curls section by section. The Moisture Mist is a master of all trades and includes heat protection qualities so you can achieve minimalist waves damage free.

Wear with the bedhead

The beauty of the bedhead truly is that you can wear it anywhere. Embody the full laidback chic vibe and adorn chill out lounge wear with a pair of your favourite sneakers. Match this look with natural eye and face make up with a cheeky bit of highlighter over your cheekbones for extra edge.

If you’re looking to ooze sex appeal, style your bedhead with a hair clip in a ‘half up/ half down’ style, which will draw attention to your cheekbones. Now let’s talk makeup. Don’t be afraid to bronze your cheekbones to bring them out further, if you’re daring apply a bright lipstick of your favourite shade and go for sultry smokey eyes. Fill in your eyebrows to frame your face and apply a dark lipstick to give a contrasting more structured feel to your look. Your undone hair gives off playful vibes that not only highlights your facial features, but shakes up your whole outfit. Match this look with a cool black high neck jumpsuit or your go-to black dress and some sleek heels and you’re good to go.

For more style inspiration and expert tips from the Trevor Sorbie team take around our London Fashion Week blog.