It had to start somewhere: hair trial phase

London Fashion Week is always a source of hair-spiration: a place to see styles quite unlike anything else, but which become the basis of trends to come. And this year was no different with the hair on show. Every strong hair style starts with an abstract concept, an idea, a thought. It can transform a look or be guided by the context in which it is being worn. And it was the job of head stylists from our Global Ambassadors, Trevor Sorbie to communicate the ideas of presenting designers into statement styles for London Fashion week.

Usually given time and space to test and retest, this can be a long and drawn out process. But with a tighter time frame than most, the testing phase naturally condensed: with the same steps taking place under pressure. With KeraStraight products in hand and a huge amount of talent within the team, we were ready for the challenge.

Despite time constraints, we created five bespoke styles which were tailored to perfectly frame the clothing lines each was paired with. The Trevor Sorbie team not only rose to the challenge but exceeded expectations, with help from some of our prime styling products. So let’s go back to the very beginning, where it all started for the London Fashion Week looks: hair trial phase.

Feeling the mood

The first port of call for the style comes from the source: the designer. Each sends over their moodboard of styles, textures, words and phrases which characterise the feeling the type of look they think will coordinate with their clothing. As Steven Tai’s right-hand man so rightfully said to us on the day, “Hair is such an important of a look like this. It brings character to the model.”.

But of course, the idea a designer might have does not always work in a hair stylist's reality. Trevor Sorbie’s head stylists Tizi and Mai took the boards and let their creativity flow, envisioning a series of looks which worked to the brief and with a variety of different hair types and textures.

KeraStraight LFW Hair Trials

Making a match

The key to creating a look which works is, of course, having an insightful awareness of the clothing and makeup it is due to be paired with. Dialling down to the concept behind each presentation, further tweaks to the envisioned styles were made. From the set and staging itself, the movement of the clothing, and the range of models, all was considered in preparation for trial.

Practice makes perfect

The final step in this process was translating these ideas into reality, adapting each concept for a range of different hair types: thin, thick, long, short, coarse, fine, and Afro-Caribbean hair. This task was made all-the-simpler with the versatility of KeraStraight's innovative styling products. Using items like our Moisture Mist to deliver long-lasting hydration for dry hair types and wet look effects, or our Ultimate Oil to give a fantastic finish for the Afro-Caribbean models. The talented team from Trevor Sorbie are KeraStraight experts, using the products in the salon every day, but the demands of fashion week encouraged them to find new and highly creative ways to re-imagine and combine them.

KeraStraight LFW Hair Trials

Each test produced several different styles designers could choose from. The decision on which looks to go forward with was either made on the spot with the designer present or remotely after sending each designer a portfolio of different styles. From relaxed bedhead to slick set, boho braided to choppy wig work: each style has its distinctive style brought to life by their vision and KeraStraight’s products.

Test out some looks yourself, with the very products we used at London Fashion Week. Discover more here.