10 KeraStraight Reviews Worth Shouting About

Nothing makes us happier here at KeraStraight HQ than learning about the positive experiences people have with our products and treatments. If you’ve yet to try a treatment or are contemplating testing our product range, we’ve compiled ten magnificent KeraStraight reviews to tickle your tresses and showcase the silky smooth essence of our award-winning formulas. Enjoy!

KS Ultimate and Intense Boost

KS Ultimate is the ultimate hair straightening treatment. Working by combining speed, ease and simplicity with our straightening and repairing proteins, KS Ultimate is now offered at a variety of salons nationwide.

1)    Gymbags & Gladrags

Cantara, from Gymbags & Gladrags, modelled for KeraStraight at Salon International and was completely blown away by her transformation with KS Ultimate. “I couldn’t believe the results! My hair was glossy, soft and silky, it felt like European hair. I couldn’t stop beaming and the crowd were equally impressed. People who had seen me earlier in the day couldn’t believe I was the same person. I was on cloud nine!”

2)    beautypulseLONDON

Cantara isn’t the only blogger shouting from the rooftops. Donia from beautypulseLONDON also received the full treatment at Salon International and loved that her styling time in the mornings was slashed substantially and that her hair remained shiny and smooth several weeks later.

3)    Islandbell

Erin from Islandbell had her thick tresses treated with KS Ultimate and exclaimed, "I felt like Beyoncé. I was absolutely thrilled with the results, and it felt so silky and smooth and I thought they did great."

4)    FarrahTells

Our Intense Boost, which lasts up to 30 days, is an excellent way to test KeraStraight before taking the plunge with the full treatment. Farrah from beauty blog Farrah Tells recounted her experience of the Intense Boost: “The treatment involved washing my hair followed by applying a mask, which was then dried into my hair. My hair was washed again and then blow dried into my preferred style! Simples! My hair was transformed, so glossy and sleek yet volumised and wavy.”

KeraStraight Ultimate Oil

One of our top products cherished by customers and stylists alike, KeraStraight’s Ultimate Oil is one of this year’s CEW Beauty Award Finalist. And it’s not hard to see why from these superb reviews.

5)    Surangi Style

Nital shared her love of Ultimate Oil on her lifestyle blog, Surangi Style. "I applied a small amount to my damp hair after washing it,” she said. “It was fantastic controlling the frizz. I did not need to overload my hair in mouse which is normally what I do after applying a hair serum or oil. It felt really light and wasn’t greasy at all. It prevented my hair from going too frizzy when I got caught in the rain and I could just apply a little afterwards to tame it."

6)    One Little Vice

One Little Vice beauty blogger Angelica was so pleased with the results that she included Ultimate Oil in her gift guide for women. She said, “It's quickly become my favourite hair oil and I think that it's the best one that I've ever tried. In my opinion, it outperforms Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil which were long-standing favourites of mine until I started using KeraStraight's option. If you know someone who loves taking good care of their hair, then KeraStraight's hair care products would make wonderful gifts.”

KeraStraight Hair Masks

KeraStraight’s Moisture Mask and Protein Mask both work to repair and rehydrate dry and damaged hair. Our Moisture Mask formula includes highly-concentrated – but still lightweight - moisture-capturing ingredients, Palmeira Tucuma and Carob Bean Extract. Similarly, our Protein Mask is designed to repair and reconstruct hair through an advanced blend of hydrolysed wheat proteins.

7)    This Girl’s Life

Mary, from This Girl’s Life, gave our Moisture Mask a big thumbs up on her YouTube channel. She stated, “I've been really, really enjoying this. I don't usually use hair masks that much on my hair because they can often be quite heavy and I don't like my hair to feel like it's weighed down or to go quite flat. I like my hair to feel quite dry but in good condition, and the Moisture Mask is really good at doing that.”

8)    Everything’s Rosie

Brighton-based beauty blogger, Rosie, from the Everything’s Rosie blog, reviewed our Protein Mask and adored how silky her hair felt after use. She said, “Since I've been using the KeraStraight protein mask, I've noticed my hair is far more manageable. I used to turn up to work each morning with my hair in one, giant, windswept knot and this has now reduced to just a few small tangles... The condition also feels much nicer. I'm forever running my fingers through my hair - in love with how silky it feels!”

Other bestselling KeraStraight products

9)    A Daisy Chain Dream

Laura, from the A Daisy Chain Dream blog, recently reviewed our Heat Protection Spray; a lightweight product that locks in moisture and creates a light hold and a gorgeous feel. Laura said, “I’ve been on the hunt for a decent heat protection spray for years but have never found one I really loved. From the first use of this [Heat Protection Spray] I knew I was on to a winner- with shiny, sleek hair with no fried ends after my (somewhat amateur) attempts at styling my hair.”

10)  Chocolate and Lipstick

A popular product often used alongside the Heat Protection Spray to create incredible style fusion is our Root Lift Spray Gel. Chocolate and Lipstick blogger Angela described the gel’s wonderful properties, exclaiming, “Ever since I saw it used in my hair, I was in awe at the lift it could give my dead, flat, limp strands.

“Over the day, with most styling gels, I tend to see flaking, but not once have I seen it with KeraStraight's. Surprisingly, with hair that is as problematic as mine is, I was expecting the root lift gel to cause scalp itch, dryness, or worse, greasy roots, but none of it occurred. Really, the most surprising thing is I don't have one bad thing to say about it.”

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