2021’s top hair trends are all about embracing texture

Now that salons are FINALLY reopening after the UK’s lockdown* it's time to talk trends for 2021.

*And big HELLO to our friends in Wales, where salons have been open for a while already! 

This year there’s a very definite theme: texture. And we think there’s a good reason for that…

From sleek poker straight tresses to the tightest coils and kinks of natural curls, everyone’s hair has a natural texture. Often we play around with that texture, changing it as best we can with treatments, heated tools and products, but in 2020 the world gave us a rare opportunity to fall back in love with what our hair does naturally.

And now that we’ve done that? “2021 is going to be all about creating the best versions of ourselves” says Louise Foard, creative stylist at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden. “Enhance those curls, add a gloss to create glass like shine and bigger, better accessories to disguise grown out fringes and make a statement!”

So here goes with our pick of the best hair trends for 2021.

Textured cuts and choppy shapes

“For me the biggest trend is texture”, says Georgia Bell. “People have missed their hairdresser and missed movement and shape in the hair. 2020 became the year to welcome back the modern shag cut, and this will definitely be a highlight of 2021 too”.

Louise agrees, adding that “blunt edges may be on the way out as we are heading back to shape and movement, adding soft layers to let the cut do all the talking and your natural texture shine through”. 

We thoroughly approve! Whether you opt for a choppy pixie cut, a textured midi or an undone bob, your natural texture will always make heads turn when it looks fabulously healthy. An Intense Boost treatment will enhance every type of hair, while an Ultimate Treatment is a great investment for those looking for the smoother end of the texture spectrum.

Natural curls

Afro textured hair is often treated with relaxers for a straighter look, but why not embrace your natural curls? They’re beautiful!

We’ve loved seeing curlies across the land embrace their natural look over lockdown, experimenting with ways to enhance and curl for their natural curls, and they’re GORGEOUS!

And while we love curls, the choice is of course always yours. If you do decide you just can’t live without straighter, smoother locks, we’d always recommend a KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment over relaxers. Ultimate Treatment is so much kinder to your hair and the best way to get the results you want.

Air dried waves

Sometimes it feels like hair falls into two categories; curly or straight.

The reality for many of us, though, is that our hair is not quite either of those. 2020 was a year for stepping away from heated tools, and so those ideals of poker straight hair or perfect ringlets have mellowed. Instead, lots of people have been getting used to their natural waves and the joys of letting their hair air dry naturally.

Air drying is less damaging to your hair, plus wavy locks have beautiful movement. Add a little Rescue Crème before air drying and you’ll find your hair holds its natural shape wonderfully. And keep your locks looking healthy with a regular KeraStraight salon treatment or at-home mask, and people will stop and stare (in a good way) everywhere you go.

Straight and slick

At the opposite end of the texture spectrum from curly hair, straight, slick locks very much have their place in the trends of 2021. The obsession with the slick high pony started in 2020 and we’re confident it’s here to stay.

Perfect for those with dead-straight hair, but achievable without heated tools (and with a little Ultimate Oil) for those with waves. And for those who can’t resist the irons and wands to add or remove texture, don’t forget to spray Heat Protect before you style!

There’s no doubt that the slick high pony is a look that’s come to the rescue of many during lockdown. Unwashed hair and invited to a zoom call in 20 minutes? Sorted.

In fact, we think that’s pretty much 2021’s top trends for hair sorted. Over to you…