5 Hat-Friendly Winter Hairstyles

There's a lot to love about winter. Crisp mornings, real log fires, woolly jumpers, Christmas, mulled wine and outdoor ice skating. But there's also a lot to loathe - wet boots, dark mornings, dry skin and static hair are just a few of the seasonal calamities we all face.

While we can’t do much about the dark mornings and wet shoes, we can solve all your winter hair problems. Today we’re tackling hat hair - that flattened, misshapen, knotty mess that occurs after donning your favourite winter warmers.

Beanie, Beret, bobble, bowler; whatever your hat style, avoid hat hair with these stylish ‘dos.

1 · Textured Curls or Waves

Embrace a deliberately messy look before you even don a hat with textured curls. Woollen beanies work best with this style; you can scrunch up the curls underneath the hat, so they don’t become flat and limp.

KS Style Glossing Texture Creme (when dried into your hair) can help keep your texture under control, and when you’re back in the warm, just re-style, or heat to look fabulous again!

2 · Sleek and Straight

Alternatively, opt for ultra-sleek and straight locks underneath your favourite bobble or bowler hat.

There are a couple of ways to protect the style and reduce static. First, apply KS Ultimate Oil to the lengths, it repairs and nourishes hair, making it ultra-manageable. It also helps prevent static and dryness caused by central heating, harsh weather and repeatedly putting hats on and taking them off.

Secondly, make sure your hair is completely dry before putting your hat on to prevent that dent or kink appearing in your silky smooth ‘do.

3. Braids

Some days you just want to tie your hair back and be done with it, but high ponytails and hats are a terrible combination. A chic alternative is a fishtail or regular plait worn to one side.

Healthy hair is easier to manage, and style. Be sure to look after your locks during the winter months. The Quick Fix Intense Boost and the KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment can be fabulous winter remedies. Both treatments are designed to repair and rebuild hair, and they last from 30 days to 4 months respectively.

4. Chignon

Another up-do, but this glamorous look can take you from day to night with ease. Perfect for all those Christmas parties. The chignon is achieved by slicking hair back and pinning it into a tight, little bun. Plenty of hairspray makes sure this style stays in place no matter what hat you pop on your head.

Tip: Use Moisture Mask or Protein Mask to keep your condition and moisture while your hair’s hiding under that hat.

5. Pixie Crop

Celebrities have been chopping off all their hair left, right and centre lately. If you too fancy rocking the ultra-cool pixie crop, rejoice because you can wear virtually any hat! Just style, et voila! If your hair looks a little flat when you remove the hat, tease and tousle it with your fingers to revive.

Bonus Tip:

KeraStraight Treatments are the ultimate gift this Christmas.

"The Intense Boost is hugely popular and at just £25 makes a great Christmas treat for wives, daughters, friends and colleagues. Our full KeraStraight treatment delivers up to 4 months of easy manageability as well world leading repair, so will be making people’s Christmas’s very special.”

Jez Barnett - MD of KeraStraight