'70s Hair And The Met Gala Ball

One week on and we're still slightly obsessed with the Met Gala Ball, and all because of two key hair styles: the Diana Ross Volume and the Farah Fawcett Flick. Apart from the love of all things '70s, what makes them so captivating is the freedom they represent. That's why these '70s retro styles matter right now - unrestrained freedom.

Forget The Volume Control

Well yes, the 'Diana Ross' does rather speak volumes! Keke Palmer (the Met Ball's host), Imaan Hammam and Kehlani all created their own versions. Side or centre partings, big or smaller curls, under the shoulder or just skimming. Just a few subtle tweaks and they're paying homage to Ms Ross in their own way. These big afro delight looks naturally uncomplicated.

It's All About The Flow

OK, Kehlani's colour choices do rather take centre stage! But then, your eye is just drawn to that signature swoopy style. Hair doesn't have to be super long for this style to work. The skill lies in getting that casual, flowing movement.

Healthy Hair Embraces Retro

The healthier your hair, the more amazing your coiffs - at home and in the salon. It's why we spend so much time and energy on developing treatments that transform damaged hair. We give hairdressers and their clients the hair they need to create the looks they most desire. 

As Jez Barnett, director of KeraStraight says: "Ask any stylist whether working with healthy hair makes their job easier and the answer is ALWAYS. It's why we spend so much time and energy on developing healthy hair products."

A True Work Of Art

We can't write a blog about Met Gala 2021 without mentioning Naomi Osaka's Haitian-schoolgirl-meets-Japanese-warrior look! There's nothing restrained about this gravity-defying do! Invisible strings, industrial quantities of gel? Something's holding that in place, and we reckon KeraStraight's Root Boost would be up to the job! 

Congratulations to all the stylists getting their clients looking so fabulous at this year's Met Ball.