A Closer Look at KeraStraight’s Ultimate Oil

Do you wake up every morning with frizzy, unmanageable hair? We all know how exhausting this daily struggle can be, but it can be avoided. How exactly? KeraStraight’s family of treatments and styling products are designed to take your hassles away. And – today – we’d like to introduce one very special product we know you’ll love. 

KeraStraight Ultimate Oil treatment is a gorgeous blend of 9 specially chosen oils that provides essential nourishment, repair, hydration and shine to all hair types. Each individual oil plays its own part too, bringing a different benefit to the treatment. So what are the oils? Argan and coconut replenish and nourish. Jojoba and avocado delivers lightweight moisture. Macadamia and olive oil is added for seal and shine. And - last but not least - linseed, wheat germ and sunflower bring strength and fullness.

As hair is porous and hydroscopic, each different hair type draws upon the benefits it most needs. This is the benefit of the advanced blend of 9 specially chosen oils. Together, they combine to offer an effective, versatile product. And the results? Our lightweight formula leaves your hair looking and feeling ultra-smooth, shiny and free of frizz - perfectly manageable whether you’re heading into the office or on a night out.

Nourish your hair and let it shine

Using our Ultimate Oil is easy. Simply apply a small amount to damp hair before blow-drying, or use it on dry hair to control frizz and tame flyaway hair. You’ll have incredible, silky hair in just two simple steps. Gorgeous made easy!

Ultimate Oil also makes a great overnight treatment, as it is lightweight and easily absorbed. Just apply a small amount on to any damaged areas, particularly the ends, leave overnight and the hair will not even need shampooing next day.

Don’t believe us? Ultimate oil has been entered into the CEW 2015 Beauty Awards. Plus, you can take a look at the glowing reports from our satisfied clients who loved the product so much they just had to blog about it:

Angelica from One Little Vice shared her thoughts on our Ultimate Oil with readers of her beauty blog, stating, “This is that magical finishing touch that finishes everything off! It's the best hair oil I've ever used, I've found it much better than Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil - which are products that I've been loyal to for years now. I've found that KeraStraight's Ultimate Oil never, ever weighs my hair down or leaves it looking greasy and it even works well in dry hair to reduce frizz and add shine. This is going to be my hair oil staple for a long time coming and you'll definitely see it again on my blog, it's just blown all the competition out of the water.”

Nital Shah also shared her experience of KeraStraight’s Ultimate Oil on her lifestyle blog, Surangi Style, “I applied a small amount to my damp hair after washing it. It was fantastic controlling the frizz. I did not need to overload my hair in mouse which is normally what I do after applying a hair serum or oil. It felt really light and wasn’t greasy at all. It prevented my hair from going too frizzy when I got caught in the rain and I could just apply a little afterwards to tame it. I also used this as an overnight treatment which really moisturised my hair. It kept my hair nourished, smooth and frizz free, what an amazing product!”

Create incredible style fusions

In addition to leaving their hair soft and shiny, Ultimate Oil can be seamlessly integrated into any beauty regime, and combined with other hair products to achieve different looks.

Our favourite fusion is Moisture Mist and Ultimate Oil: the dreamy duo to produce hair that’s just begging to be touched! Apply Moisture Mist before towel drying your hair. Add Ultimate Oil on top and style your hair as you would normally. Once your hair is almost perfect, add the finishing touch by working through a small amount of Ultimate Oil. Voila!