A Guide to KeraStraight for Men

Thought healthy, manageable hair was just for the ladies? Think again! Our range of treatments and at-home products are perfect for men too. You don’t have to put up with curly, kinky or frizzy hair – you can have that slick, sleek and stylish look you crave. Even Justin Timberlake, famous for his tight curls in the ‘90s, is at it.

Who is KeraStraight For?

Good hair is important to everyone, and both men and women can benefit from a KeraStraight treatment. More and more men are spending time on their hair - straightening, styling and trying out the latest trends. KeraStraight makes the whole styling process a lot quicker and easier, giving you more time to lie-in every day.

Which Hair Types?

Long, short, curly, wavy, frizzy, limp, thick, dry and unruly; whatever your hair type, there is a KeraStraight treatment for you.

Protein Boost is ideal for men with fine, weak or coloured hair because it builds strength by repairing, rehydrating and renewing. Thick, dry and wild tresses can be tamed with the Moisture Boost. Curls and waves can be straightened with the gel based KS Ultimate Treatment, and frizzy hair can be refined with either the Moisture Mask or Protein Mask.

KeraStraight for Men

How Long Does it Last?

The KS Ultimate treatment lasts up to 4 months, while Intense Boost lasts 30 days. The Moisture Mask and Protein Mask can be applied at home once a week for long-lasting smooth and healthy hair.

Which Hairstyles Benefit?

Styling your hair can be a long and arduous task, but you want to look your best and do it nevertheless. Now you can enjoy perfectly styled hair every day with half the effort. The KeraStraight treatment nourishes, repairs, hydrates and smoothes hair, so it becomes much more manageable and easy to style.

The quiff is one of the coolest looks at the moment. It’s a retro style that oozes rock ‘n’ roll charm. A good quiff is ultra-smooth and slick, but it also needs plenty of strength to hold.

To style a quiff: apply Root Lift Spray Gel on damp hair and blow dry, and then reapply to dry hair and blow dry again. Heat activates the wheat proteins within our products, so this second application delivers incredible strength and support while leaving the hair looking and feeling great. Finish with Glossing Texture Crème on dry hair and blast once again with the hair dryer. The result is an incredible texture, strength and support.

What Products Should I Use After Treatment?

To maintain the great-looking locks a KeraStraight treatment gives you, we strongly recommend swapping your old styling products for the KeraStraight range of products.

The Root Lift Spray Gel is a popular product because it builds strength as it dries and doesn’t leave hair feeling sticky. The Glossing Texture Crème is great for guys because it defines textures and gives hair that cool ‘just out of bed’ look. Like the spray gel, the crème also builds strength, taking care of your hair long after treatment.