Ah, the 90s!

Welcome back mid-length hair.

Didn’t we all see it coming? What with the return of the scrunchie, the adorned banana clips, and the flicked to perfection high ponytail. It’s no surprise that the 90s mid-length haircut is seeing a revival.

The hair trends of the 90s have well and truly transcended nostalgic pop-culture films like Clueless, and TV shows like (early) Friends and Sex and the City. 

Now seen everywhere; from the catwalks and our Instagram feeds, finally making their way into our current hair and beauty repertoires, the 90s are back and they have never looked better.

“The rise of popularity for 90s fashion and hairstyles are proving to be extremely popular within the salon.

The mid-length lob cut is in high demand and with the aid of KeraStraight, it means this haircut can now suit any hair texture.

KeraStraight allows you to rock a smooth style with volume and bounce.

The mid-length haircut is on the rise it’s a 90s revival baby.

I’m loving a wet look lob, to achieve this look I use the KeraStraight Moisture Mist and the Ultimate Oil, this is a perfect product combo for slicked back sleek hair.”

Georgia Bell, Twisted Scissors

Sure, there are some 90s hair trends that not all of us can, or want to, welcome back (we all remember ‘the Rachel’, what about the flicked-out bob, or Gwen Stefani’s half-up mini-buns?). But there’s at least one style that we are all here for; the looks-good-on-everyone mid-length haircut.

"Once seen as an in-between length, the mid-length cut has risen in popularity in the salon because of its versatility.

Our guests are always looking for the latest trend but we often find the latest trends are difficult to wear and can be hard to style.

This length is great for everyone, but the ladies it really works for is us shorties! Super long hair can often makes us look even shorter, this length is the perfect proportion for girls under 5"5!!"

Vivienne Johns, Hunter + Walsh

In the 90s, the mid-length cut was known as the go-to style for those of us that couldn’t quite muster up the courage to go as short and choppy as the chin grazing bob, or find the patience for cascading length. But now with options, it’s safe to say that the revived 90s mid-length hair is anything but an in-between style.

Options like textured, soft curls which can be created using Root Boost gel, allowing strength, hold and support. Or slightly curled, fully heat protected ends, for that ultimate sleek style, just like Kim Kardashian’s 90s homage with her mid-brown, mid-part, mid-length style.

It’s all about versatility and an abundance of choices for all hair types and ages, with plenty of styling options like leaving your hair down with layers, waves and curls, in a middle parting, or side, or going up into a high ponytail. It’s flattering because it’s adaptable.

“Mid-length 90s hair is back and is so versatile using all the styling range of KeraStraight you are able to create great waves, curls, up dos and straight looks with a slight vintage feel. Keeping the hair not only looking great but feeling it too.”

Brent Barlow

Isn’t there something great about recognising a style from the past and giving it a new lease of life, and making it work for you? 

Nostalgia for the 90s has peaked, and the mediocre mid-length status quo connotations have been disrupted, and we’re here for it. Are you?