Another Happy Customer! KeraStraight Vlog Reviewed by Go Team Hale

Courtney Hale, the popular lifestyle and parenting vlogger, has shared her experiences with the KeraStraight smoothing treatment. In her first video, which you can watch right here, Courtney takes us through the treatment process and shows off the initial results.

A second follow-up video reveals how her hair looks 2-3 weeks after the treatment. Spoiler alert: the results are amazing if we do say so ourselves!

As Courtney explains in the videos, she has very thick, difficult to style, frizzy hair. The smoothing treatment is ideal for her hair type because it controls frizz and leaves hair looking ultra sleek and shiny. It gives her natural waves more definition and makes them much easier to style every day, which is perfect for a busy mum of 3!

Initial Results

Courtney was thrilled with the initial results, and we have to say, her hair does look utterly fabulous! It’s a complete transformation from wild, unmanageable tresses to smooth, straight locks. The treatment has also helped to camouflage Courtney’s post-partum hair regrowth, taming the short, flyaway hairs without the use of products.

2-3 Weeks Later

Several weeks after having the treatment, Courtney uploaded a second video review. She shows her hair in different stages of styling; just washed and slightly damp, straightened with a flat iron and air dried. She also reveals how environmental factors like humidity and rain affect her new hair.

We were pleased to see Courtney’s hair continues to look flawless. It’s smooth and frizz-free even in 100% humidity! She says styling her hair is much easier and quicker; she can let it air dry or just run a brush through it - which was unheard of before the treatment! Even with minimal effort, it looks professionally styled