Autumn/Winter Hair Trends

With the change in seasons comes a change in hair trends, so if you’re ready to embrace a new look, here’s an insight into the trends that will be big for autumn/winter, and some tips on how to achieve them.


Braids are a great way to create a style that gives you a dramatic new look. You could go all out and opt for a fishtail braid, keeping it loose and deliberately messy for an on-trend vibe, or, if you want something more subtle, but still eye-catching, create a smaller braid, either pinned close to the head, or hanging to one side, taking that festival chic into the autumn/winter season.

Bella Chouhan, a top stylist at Trevor Sorbie, recommends using Texture Crème to bring out the best in your braids.

Says Bella: “Texture Crème gives shine to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair even on blondes, so will bring out the natural highlights. Braids are perfect for second-day hair, and are quick and easy to create.”

Method: Warming up some Texture Crème in your hands and applying through the hair before drying will give slight hold without heaviness, making it easier to create your braid. Applying some as a finishing product also creates shine and definition on the braid. This product also works perfectly as an anti-humidity agent when there’s moisture in the air.


Fringes are in. Autumn/Winter 2018

Fringes are definitely in vogue. Whether it’s a wispy micro-fringe as sported by pop star Ariana Grande, a blunt fringe, recently rocked by actress Emma Roberts, or a choppy, deliberately dishevelled looking fringe as favoured by Emma Watson, bangs are back.

Bella recommends reaching for some Rescue Crème in order to maintain hair health and keep fringes looking fabulous. Says Bella: “Fringes are always a beautiful addition when you’re wanting something new, but shorter fringes generally need daily styling. Rescue Crème is perfect for ensuring fringes look both on-trend and healthy.”

Method: apply Rescue Crème before drying, or apply to damp hair and allow to dry naturally. Rescue Crème offers weightless hydration to your hair while sealing off any split ends. It’s also a great product for restoring hair that may have become stiff and dehydrated over the summer.

Tousled Waves

Waves are in. Autumn/Winter 2018

If you’re not ready to lose those tousled waves that took you from the beach to bar during your summer holiday, don’t panic, waves are a key look for autumn/winter too. But ditch the salts sprays and instead reach for products that will give your locks all the volume they need without the gritty texture.

Bella recommends Root Boost as the perfect styling partner for creating voluminous waves, that won’t fall out the minute the wind and rain take their toll.

Says Bella: “This product is perfect for twisting hair to create curls and waves, offering extra volume and hold without making hair crispy or hard.”

Method: Apply Root Boost directly onto the roots, on wet or dry hair. The spray applicator means you can be really precise and not waste any product. Once heat is applied the product will disappear but the hold will stay.

Whatever look you decide to go for, don’t forget, that if you’re using heated tools, such as irons or hairdryers to style your hair, always use protection. We recommend Heat Protect, which forms an invisible shield, locking in moisture and even offers a light hold.

Now you’re ready to enter the new season with hair that looks and feels fabulous!