Behind the Scenes at the 2015 KeraStraight Shoot

Calling all KeraStraight enthusiasts! Today, we’re extremely excited to unveil a behind the scenes peek at our 2015 shoot. This year’s shoot featured KS Ultimate - our semi-permanent hair repair, straightening and smoothing system that provides conditioning, strength and shine. 

Throughout the shoot, our goal was to demonstrate how life-transforming KeraStraight can be for all hair types. And, as you’ll see in the videos, the results are nothing less than spectacular. Discussing the idea behind this year’s shoot, KeraStraight’s founder, Jez Barnett, said: "KeraStraight transforms the hair and lives of so many, and we wanted a series of videos that would invite people into our world and showcase what our world-leading treatment will do for them."

Introducing our fantastic models

Four gorgeous models – Nena, Katja, Risskat and Rhea - joined KeraStraight’s Art Team for the shoot. All with drastically different hair types, each model struggles with their individual hair woes. Each of our models received a dramatic and wonderfully transformative KS Ultimate treatment. In these four videos, you can see the results for yourself and hear what our four models had to say about their KS Ultimate experience.

Nena – If, like Nena, you want quicker-to-manage hair with more strength and shine, watch this video. The results are spectacular:



Risskat – Struggling with hair that’s next to impossible for you to manage yourself? See how we transformed Rissikat’s hair into Gorgeous, Made Easy:



Katja - Watch as Katja discovers KeraStraight’s incredible repairing powers – the perfect way to achieve gorgeously soft, thicker locks. If, like Katja, you long for longer locks, this is perfect for you:



Rhea - Rhea struggled daily with curly, frizzy, dry hair … until now. Watch as she experiences KeraStraight's gorgeous results for the first time:



Up close & personal with KeraStraight’s Art Team

One of our favourite videos from the style shoot features our team of exceptional stylists talking about what KeraStraight means to them and their clients. Everybody agreed that the primary benefit is that the treatment removes conventional hair restrictions, transforming any hair type into glossy, well-conditioned and textured styles. You can watch this insightful behind-the-scenes video here: