Calling all stylists! Do you have your KeraStraight qualification yet?

Creating innovative keratin treatments and homecare products that transform your clients’ hair is a huge part of what we do. But it’s nothing without backing those products up with expert training.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to personalise the KeraStraight experience for each of your clients, or want a deeper understanding of how our treatments work, our education resources can support everyone who works in your salon. From receptionists and assistants right up to senior stylists and management, we’ve got you covered.

It’s crucial that your teams understand our products, are confident in how to carry out and personalise our treatments, and that your clients have confidence in your expertise, too.

That’s why we created a whole range of ways for you to learn. Our super-helpful resources start with FAQs and articles that answer specific questions, and go right up to our online training course and exam.

And at the end of it all? Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll be a fully-certified KeraStraight expert – certificate and all (great for posting on your social media)!

Let’s take a closer look at your options for KeraStraight education, training and qualifications …

KeraStraight educational resources

Who are they for? Our educational resources are perfect for anyone in your salon who has a question about KeraStraight that they need answered quickly and simply, no matter their role.

What should I expect? An easy-to-navigate set of FAQs, articles, videos, tips and tricks that give you the bitesize answers you need, fast.

What’s the cost? Cost? They’re FREE!

You’ll love them because… they help you find targeted information quickly and easily when you need it.

Explore the resources.

KeraStraight online training

Who’s it for? Our training is a must for anyone who’s carrying out a KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment or Intense Boost service in-salon, but it’s also an excellent way to give EVERYONE in your salon the background information they need to help advise your clients.

What should I expect? Our training takes the form of an online e-learning course. You’ll take a journey through the KeraStraight brand, our in-salon treatments and homecare products. Not only that, we’ll also give you expert tips on the best ways to roll out KeraStraight to enhance your business!

What’s the cost? Zero, zilch, nada, FREE.

You’ll love it because… it’s thorough, so you’ll feel really confident that you can answer your clients’ questions, provide them with the best experience possible, tailor KeraStraight to their hair AND boost your salon’s profits… all at the same time.

Start your training.

KeraStraight qualification and certificate

Who’s it for? The KeraStraight qualification is targeted at anyone who’s delivering the KeraStraight service in-salon to clients, but it’s also great for the whole salon team.

What should I expect? The assessment is carried out through an online exam that you can take in your own time, but we need to make sure that you really understand the material, so don’t expect it to be easy…

What’s the cost? You guessed it… it’s FREE.

You’ll love it because… it gives you the confidence to give your clients the best service possible. And because your clients will recognise you as the expert you are once they see your certificate up on the wall! There’s nothing quite like being able to prove to your clients that they’re in the safe hands of a specialist.

Get qualified!

Questions about training and qualifications for your salon team? Get in touch at and our team will be happy to help!