Caring for short hair

Summer is approaching, and with many of us a bit fed up with the overgrown hair that lockdown has left us with, short hair styles are more in-demand than ever! Here’s the lowdown on what to think about before deciding to go for the chop, and how to care for your short style once you’ve taken the plunge.

After all, short hair needs love too!

Going short is a big decision

OK, it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t go right, but growing out a cut that doesn’t work for you takes time, and it can be frustrating trying to style out a shorter look as it grows.

If you’re pondering a dramatic cut or restyle of any kind, we’d always recommend making sure your hair is in great condition first. That way, you’ll get the best cut for your hair, and it’ll be easier to maintain your new look. KeraStraight can help with that.

“It doesn’t matter whether your hair is short or long, a KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment makes any hairstyle more manageable”, says Manchester-based salon owner Melissa Timperley. “It improves the shape and condition of all hair types, not to mention the shine. KeraStraight combined with a precision cut means clients can see and feel the results immediately and can manage their own hair at home much more easily.”

There’s more to think about than just condition, though. Talk to your stylist about what will suit you. They’re experts at using your face shape, bone structure and overall look to work out what styles would be most flattering. And they’ll understand how your natural texture might affect the shorter style you’re after. If your longer hair has a natural kink, for example, you might find that it has a lot of volume or curl when you cut it short.

How to care for your short hair

Gone short but not sure how to get the best from your brand new look? From bobs to pixie cuts, we’ve got the tips you need.

Shampoo regularly

Generally speaking, short hair gets greasier quicker than longer hair. That’s because the scalp still produces the same amount of natural oils as ever, but there’s less length to distribute the oils through.

Be picky when it comes to your shampoo, though. Condition is everything when it comes to keeping a short style looking on point, so you don’t want to use products that contain sodium chloride (salt) and sulphates that strip the hair, or which weight your hair down with a layer of silicone. 

Our Volume Enhance and Moisture Enhance Shampoos are formulated to be kind to your hair, packed with ingredients that nourish and gently cleanse.

Protect against heat damage

The best way to avoid heat damage is to avoid heat tools – easy! Easy, perhaps, but not practical, especially with shorter styles which might need taming with tools.

It’s hard to hide damage in shorter hair, though, so protecting your hair from getting damaged in the first place is crucial. A high-quality heat protection spray like Heat Protect is an absolute must. It not only forms a protective barrier but also locks in moisture and adds a light hold. Plus, it adds strength with every use, thanks to Prothermyn, our ground-breaking heat-activated protein technology.

Step away from the brush

Short hair means fewer tangles. Embrace that and cut down on the brushing! Your fingers are the perfect tools for styling and creating texture, and if you want to add some hassle-free volume, spritz a small amount of Root Boost onto towel-dried hair. It’s a great light-weight styling spray that gives even short hair some bounce and, like Heat Protect, it contains Prothermyn for added strength.

Book in for regular trims

There’s no easy way to get around the fact that short styles lose their shape faster than longer ones. If you want to maintain the look you got from the salon, you’ll probably need to book in for trims with your stylist roughly once a month.

So now that you know how to care for shorter hair, just one question remains… Which style will you choose?