Colour me red, copper or cinnamon…

Whichever warm shade you have your eye on, we’ve got the expert-approved tips you need to enjoy beautiful colour-ready hair.

There’s nothing like that feeling of a new colour. You feel like you’ve completely overhauled your look – like you’re a new you. If your Pinterest board is awash with reds, coppers and cinnamons right now, then join the queue – they’re the most coveted hair colours this season. We guess cinnamon is the new ginger… just don’t let Geri know.

Red, auburn, copper, cinnamon, even strawberry blonde… from Jessica Chastain to Christina Hendricks and Emma Stone, there’s no doubt that warmer tones are true show-stoppers.

They often hit the trend-headlines in autumn, as the leaves turn and the temperatures fall. This time, though, they’re sticking around. Warm, expensive-looking reds of all hues are VERY 2021.

We don’t know whether it’s the comforting warmth these colours bring that’s making them so popular, or the need to express ourselves that little bit more during these tricky times – but whatever the reason, we love it!

Laying the foundations for rich red tones

If you’re inspired by these warm tones but are not blessed with naturally red hair, then dyeing your tresses is the answer. That may feel a bit daunting, though. Alongside the usual “will it suit me?” you may also have to contend with “what if my hair isn’t healthy enough?”.

Don’t worry, this is where the experts come in!

"It’s all about using the right products for your hair type and texture”, says Brent Barlow of Klub Salon. “That's why it’s very important to speak to your stylist who will be able to recommend the correct KeraStraight products for you. KeraStraight Style products can be cocktailed together so are great when prescribing per client."  

Making your colour last longer

We’re sorry to say, though, that red can be one of the hardest colours to maintain. That’s right, even harder than platinum blonde.

We spoke to Louise Foard at Trevor Sorbie for her expert advice:

“If you’re looking to maintain the condition of your hair or are preparing your hair for a colour change then KeraStraight Intense Boost is the perfect solution. By consulting with your stylist you can decide on a treatment that is tailored to you. Whether your hair is lacking in moisture or needs strengthening the Intense Boost will leave your hair feeling youthful and nourished, and is a perfect way to keep your colour looking its best for longer.”

And finally, one last expert tip from Society’s Georgia Bell to ensure you get the most from your not-so-natural but looks oh-so-natural hair:

“My top tip on maintaining the health of your hair is always to use top quality products! If you want long-lasting colour and beautiful-looking hair, products are officially where it’s at. Take KeraStraight for example. All the products can be combined to create your ultimate go-to hair and style”.

It’s time to spice up your hair colour with the help of some warm tones and our ground-breaking KeraStraight products. So, what are you waiting for?!