Combatting Those Winter Hair Worries

Whether it’s intense cold, harsh winds or the effects of central heating, the winter months can play havoc with your hair. But don’t panic, there are plenty of ways you can ensure your hair stays looking and feeling fabulous during the winter.

The best way to protect hair from the harshness of winter is to prepare it in advance. Before those extreme weather conditions hit, get your hair ready to combat the elements with an intense treatment, such as KeraStraight KS Ultimate.

Says Neil Smith, a top stylist at leading salon Barrie Stephen in Leicestershire: “It’s really important to prepare your hair for the battle with winter weather. KeraStraight keeps hair smooth, sleek, luscious and shiny. Protein infused Keratin softens the hair fibre, making it more manageable and protecting it from the elements for long-lasting results.”

With the effects of KS Ultimate lasting for up to four months, one treatment will be enough to see your hair through to spring, helping keep hair smooth and shiny, however hard winter works to damage it.

Winter Worries

There are a number of ways winter can be cruel to your hair. A general lack of moisture in the air during cold weather can lead to hair becoming dehydrated and therefore more prone to frizziness, split ends and even breakage. Dry hair also appears duller and less healthy, and no-one wants that at the height of the party season!

Also doing its bit to dry out your locks is the unnatural heat of central heating and hot air conditioning. Both are enemies to healthy looking hair, leading to dehydration, static and split ends. So inside, or out, your hair is liable to take a bashing unless you take measures to protect and nourish it.

Often, it’s the measure we take to combat the cold that leads to lacklustre hair. Hats and scarves can lead to flat hair, and, depending on the material they are made from, add to the static!

The Solutions

There is a range of products you can use throughout the winter months to keep hair healthy and gorgeous looking.

“To combat dryness and dehydration, product-wise I recommend KS Style Rescue Cream as it repairs, hydrates and seals in one,” says Neil. “It’s like giving your hair a glass of water when it’s been exposed to the heating in your house and car, and the harsher elements outside. I also love KS Style Moisture Mist, a hydrating styling spray that gives instant moisture. It’s great to keep in your handbag or gym bag for that quick fix."

To help combat static and dullness, Neil recommends Ultimate Oil. Says Neil: “Ultimate Oil is infused with essential oils to add shine and keep frizz away. It keeps hair supple and creates a protective shield so that hair is not as exposed to the negative aspects of winter.”

Finally, Neil suggests to always apply heat protection when using an electrical tool on the hair. “KS Style Heat Protection Spray adds moisture back into the hair after using your hot styling tools, keeping it in the best condition possible for when you head out into the cold,” he says.

And to combat that flat hat-hair, try spritzing some KS Style Root Lift Spray Gel into your hair after towel or blow-drying for added volume.

Finally, never leave the house with wet hair during cold weather. The last thing you want is tiny icicles forming in your hair, weighing it down and potentially causing breakage.

So, now you know the solutions, just because its cold outside, doesn’t mean your hair can’t look hot!