Creating a Bit of a Buzz

A look through magazines, websites and on the high street reveals one look has been dominating the style stakes over the past few years. While the catwalks have been awash with long, luscious locks and the red carpet showcased beautiful Rapunzel-style tresses, now there’s a new cut in town taking celebrities and models by storm. The Buzzcut may not be top of your styling list, but it is a popular choice when it comes to trying something new.

Headline Grabbing

The look first hit the headlines with models walking the Prada and Alexander Wang catwalks for the autumn/winter shows, when super stylist Guido Palau shaved the models’ hair to add a minimal finish to the overall look. Celebrities including Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart have grabbed their clippers for the dramatic look in recent months – and while it may initially seem severe, it’s liberating as well as stylish.

Anyone can have a short haircut, but according to top stylist Tom Connell, from the Trevor Sorbie salon in London, it’s how you wear it that is key to this look.

“The most important ingredient to wearing a buzzcut successfully is confidence,” says Tom. “Somebody can have the best bone structure or the best head shape, but if the person doesn't feel liberated and excited by wearing a buzzcut, then even the most beautiful face will be lost. They need to wear the haircut, not the other way around.”

Year of the Cut

2017 has been a turning point for the humble haircut, as women everywhere replace their flowing manes for something more structured and on point. And while shaving it to a grade two may be making a statement on its own, adding a bit of colour will take it to another level.

“When it comes to colour, it’s down to the individual character, which is why it is important to understand who the person is; their job, their music preference, their social circle,” Tom explains. “Once you understand these things, it makes the job of choosing the colour and length of a buzzcut much more specific and tailored to the person.

“A favourite of mine is a full-head bleach, grown out for two weeks, then buzzcut. The blonde ends with the dark root remind me of that period in the 90's where all my school mates shaved and bleached their hair.”

And while product use might be of a minimum, ensuring it stays in good condition while it grows out is essential. Hair grows approximately 1.25cm a month, so it won’t be long until it needs taming and styling. And when it’s time to grow it out, it’s important hair is in good condition – there’s nothing worse than short, straw-like hair.

Glossy Texture Crème is the perfect partnership for short, statement styling. Not only will it enhance the texture, but it will add shine and ensure short hair feels soft and smooth. And once it’s applied hair can be restyled again and again. Smooth one minute, textured the next. The perfect product while hair grows out into its new style.