Ditch Homemade Hair Treatments and Get Kate Middleton’s Hair

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Admired for her beautiful complexion, radiant smile and chic style, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is forever winning hearts and inspiring copycat styles on every outing. But one thing that sets her apart from other Royals and celebrities alike is her luscious, tumbling tresses nicknamed the 'Chelsea blow-dry' - a style created by stylist, Richard Ward at his Chelsea salon. While Kate still visits Richard Ward for colour, Amanda Cook Tucker is her blow dry stylist.

A tabloid recently reported that Kate Middleton uses organic vegetable-based salon treatment to boost colour and shine, and questioned whether it would be possible to recreate her glossy style using DIY remedies. With the internet brimming with DIY homemade hair remedies using all sorts of ingredients - some which have been passed down through the generations, others that are impromptu experiments - it is vital to understand just how these solutions will affect your hair.

Today we debunk the myths surrounding homemade hair treatments. Is it possible to get Kate Middleton’s tumbling tresses with a DIY option? Or would KeraStraight be a better bet?

Debunking the homemade hair treatment myths

Mayonnaise, stout, avocado, eggs, fizzy water, olive oil and even a shot of coffee frequently feature in homemade hair treatments - all of which are believed to have restorative and therapeutic effects. While it may seem logical that food good enough to eat would also be good for our hair, this argument is certainly up for debate.

Let’s take eggs as a prime example. Rich in protein, it would seem that they might be able to condition dry hair, but did you know that egg proteins are actually too large to penetrate hair? In a similar manner, mayonnaise is made from egg yolks, oil and vinegar, and simply coats hair, leaving a sticky residue rather than penetrating and conditioning it.

Another superb example is beer which is customarily made of hops (for flavour), malt (for germinating), yeast (for fermenting) and water. Beers are fermented for different lengths of time, and while it is believed that yeast can be temporarily beneficial to hair, the alcohol produced can be detrimental. The quantity of alcohol will vary from beer to beer and can cause dryness. 

Natalie Bell, beauty writer at FutureDerm, put the beer hair treatment to the test. She found that her hair was harder as it dried and less shiny than when she washed her hair with conventional products and firmly stated she would not try beer again! For those interested, she has also researched and covered other hair myths including why you should skip home remedies to treat dandruff and whether hot scissors cure split ends. Years ago, barbers would singe the hair to cauterise it - when a trainee would ask why, the barber would reply, “puts a shilling in the till son!”

Get Kate Middleton’s hair with KeraStraight

Like all other world-leading hair care specialists, we’ve searched all four corners of the globe to discover the very best ingredients that deliver award-winning results. Our products contain new proteins and advanced polymers that, when combined, bring out the best in hair.

KeraStraight’s KS Ultimate treatment is a revolutionary system that deeply nourishes and straightens hair, locking in moisture and leaving hair silky, smooth and manageable for longer. Following a KS Ultimate treatment, maintaining that Kate Middleton look is easy with KeraStraight’s aftercare product range. 

Keep on top of frizz with KeraStraight’s nourishing Ultimate Oil and retain your bouncy roots with our strengthening Root Lift Spray Gel. If you’re striving to achieve the classic Chelsea blow-dry, KeraStraight Heat Protection Spray will protect your hair as you straighten or curl your locks, leaving your hair gorgeously soft, glossy and begging to be touched.


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