Dreaming of hair that’s easy to manage?

If you feel like there are never enough hours in the day, you’re not alone. Despite reassessing priorities and getting used to a slower pace of life over the last year, time is a pressing issue for many in 2021 as the world reopens bit by bit.

When every minute counts (especially when that minute could be spent getting extra sleep in the morning!), it’s easy for hair to be neglected. After all, who has time to spend looking after their hair when they have a full-time job and family commitments to fit in, and that’s before we’ve even mentioned a SOCIAL LIFE!

Time is precious but you still deserve healthy, flawless hair that makes you feel incredible.

Healthy foundations

When it comes down to it, most of us just want our hair to work with us rather than against us. That doesn’t sound like too much to ask, does it?

The key to getting what you wish for is to get the foundations right. Hair that’s healthy, nourished and hydrated is much easier to manage than dry, damaged locks. 

Ultimate Treatment creates the best foundation possible for a flawless hair routine, transforming your hair for up to four months! Your locks will be super-healthy, super-smooth and super-shiny. And that means easy to control (and quicker to style!).

Ultimate Treatment means you can roll out of bed with your hair halfway to perfection already. It’ll be less prone to frizz and knots, and you’ll have more time to start your day in a relaxing way. Or, let’s face it, chasing the kids around the house to get ready for school and trying to wrestle the post from the dog.

“It’s great at giving our customers smoother, more manageable hair”, says Denise Mayers, owner of The Vanilla Room on the Isle of Man. “One client who comes to mind in particular is Sue, who’s a dairy farmer! She’s outside all year round and can’t live without KeraStraight now. Without it, her hair is frizzy and takes ages to blow dry.” 

Professional homecare

A salon treatment is a huge step towards easy-to-manage hair, but professional homecare products will maintain that transformation between treatments, making styling even more straightforward.

Arm yourself with KeraStraight’s range of homecare products and that morning mayhem will seem a bit less hectic, your hair will look great all day, and your busy lifestyle won’t get the better of your hair.

“By investing in the best hair care shampoos and conditioners, you can treat your hair to the luxury it deserves”, says Sandy Wood, and we couldn’t agree more.

All of our homecare products feed your hair with strength, nourishment and hydration without weighing hair down, thanks to their sulphate and salt-free formulations. Volume Enhance Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask are perfect if your hair is fine, thin or limp, and Moisture Enhance Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask are the ones for you if your hair is dry, damaged or coarse.

Style it out

You might think that washing, conditioning and treating your hair to a mask are the only ways you can pamper your hair at home. Think again!

KeraStraight Style products help you create a style that will survive the demands of the day, but they don’t stop with creating hold and texture.

Every KeraStraight Style product contains Prothermyn, our signature heat-activated proteins, which help to repair your hair and give it a healthy shine all day. So, every time you style with KeraStraight (and especially if you add heat to dry hair with the products), you’re building more strength and shine into your locks.

And finally…

We mustn’t forget Ultimate Oil, our blend of 9 premium oils selected to hydrate, nourish and add shine to your hair. Used sparingly, it’ll help tame frizz and flyaway hairs, giving your hair a beautiful fragrance and glossy sheen that will have you feeling on top of the world all day long.

Photo credit: Sandy Wood