Enjoy your best hair this Christmas with KeraStraight!

We all know that Christmas is looking a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we should compromise on feeling fabulous! 

In fact, 2020 has been hard, so pampering yourself and feeling your best is more important than ever. That’s why this Christmas, we’re putting the focus firmly on healthy hair that feels amazing, as well as looking stunning.

Here’s how, in just five simple steps.

Choose your look cleverly!

Georgia Bell is a genius when it comes to making great style choices.

“Judging by these uncertain times and the fact it’s impossible to be at your favourite salon every 4 to 6 weeks currently, I wouldn’t recommend anything too high maintenance in terms of style and colour”, she says. 

“Look at lived-in colour options with the possibility of a revamp every 12 weeks, and also at heavily layered messy cuts such as the modern shag. The more shape your hair has, the more options you have to wear it differently. A one-length look is great to maintain but it isn’t very versatile!”

We think that’s brilliant advice. Get the basics right with your cut and colour and the rest will be much easier to manage – and style to your heart’s delight!

Get your treatment on

You won’t be surprised to hear us say that healthy hair that’s in great condition is crucial to your style looking amazing this festive season. The best way to nail that amidst the cold, damp winter days and central heating? Lay the foundations with our signature treatment.

“This time of year can take its toll on your hair”, says Zak Twohig, member of the Trevor Sorbie artistic team and Technical Director at their Covent Garden salon.  “KeraStraight’s Ultimate Treatment moisturises, repairs and smooths your hair adding anti-humidity and shine. The treatment lasts up to four months so I usually advise my clients to get it done as the seasons change so your hair is protected all year round”. 

It’s all about masks

No, not that kind of mask. Think nourishing, luxurious hair masks that revitalise your hair and leave it feeling glorious. If time’s a bit tight or you can’t make it to a salon, a KeraStraight mask is your best friend.

“In winter it’s common for hair to feel dry or to frizz due to damp drizzly weather”, says Louise Foard, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden.  

“To ensure your hair is ready for the party season use your KeraStraight Moisture Mask or Protein Mask once a week to really revitalise your hair and bring it back to life for those bouncy shiny blowdrys”.

Steven Easton, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Hampstead agrees, pointing out that “even though your hair will be much easier to manage as a KeraStraight client, this cold weather can still make your hair feel dry and brittle”

Not sure which mask to go for? Steven’s got your back: 

“Use the KeraStraight Moisture Mask if you’d describe your hair as very thick, frizzy or thirsty. Alternatively, use KeraStraight Protein Mask for hair that’s medium to fine in density and is prone to damage. Leave the mask on shampooed hair for 15-20 minutes. The trick is to use it for a few washes before the big night so that your hair is at its most workable.”

Invest in the right homecare

Whether you’ve gone for Ultimate Treatment in-salon or for one of our masks at home, the next step is maintenance! It might sound boring, but Sandy Wood points out that “by investing in the best hair care shampoos and conditioner, you can treat your hair to the luxury it deserves”. 

Your stylist can help you choose the right range for you, whether that’s our Volume Enhance range or our Moisture Enhance range. Both come complete with shampoo, conditioner and mask.

“If you struggle with knotty, dry hair or flyaway hair then let us help you to find the correct prescription for you from KeraStraight”, says Sandy, “and get you Christmas ready”!

Styling with substance

Finally, it’s time to style! With all the right prep in place, this should go smoothly, but a little help from our Style range never goes amiss! The products in this range contain Prothermyn, our innovative heat-activated protein technology which builds strength into your hair as you style.

And for Steven Easton, there’s one product from this range that’s an absolute must when it comes to Christmas styling. He tells us that “with all the heat styling my salon guests do over party season, I always insist they use protection!”

Heat Protect is by far my favourite heat styling spray of those I’ve used over the years. Use it on damp hair before drying or on dry hair before using any heated appliance. Your hair will remain protected against the heat until its next shampoo”. We couldn’t agree more. 

You’re all set!

With KeraStraight at your side every step of the way, you’ll be ready for a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons! Whether it’s a quiet one at home, a small Christmas together with family or a meetup over Zoom, you’ll be feeling and looking fabulously festive, ready to celebrate in style!