“Every stylist should use it and every client should have it done.”

We’re turning the spotlight on our Kuwait-based – by way of Epsom – Brand Ambassador, Samantha Curatolo, who just can’t recommend KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment enough!

That’s some statement, Samantha…

Representing KeraStraight means I get to share my knowledge, not only with my clients on a day to day basis, but I get to share in-depth details with other hairdressers; showing just how great the brand is… I always tell my clients that you can’t rush perfection. Good hair takes time, investment and consistency! 

A great statement followed by some great advice! We’re curious, did you always know you’d end up in the hair industry?

My Barbie dolls always got a hair makeover, and of course a catwalk to show off their new styles after!

Of course! We wouldn’t expect anything less. So, you perfected Barbie’s hair. She walked the catwalk. At what point did you know it was time to say bye to those synthetic strands of the Barbie girl in the Barbie world?

When it was time to get a weekend job I only applied to salons. I guess I just always knew it’s where I wanted to be.

I started off sweeping floors and washing hair. My boss was from the old school. She made me work hard and she was tough. However, she always believed in me and I think that gave me the reassurance and confidence that I was in the right place and doing the right thing.

So, from Barbie, to sweeping floors (and lots of experience and training in-between) all the way to…Kuwait?

Whoops! I never intended on moving to the Middle East at all, least of all Kuwait. I saw the advert, applied and got on a plane, fell in love with the sunshine and the city and never looked back. And I’m still here, even during Covid! 

And that was in 2012? And at the same time you became a KeraStraight Ambassador. You’re now Salon Manager and Technical Director at TONI&GUY, Al Corniche Club. That’s some journey!

What about your own personal journey with hair? Has it changed since being introduced to KeraStraight?

I love hair more than I ever did, KeraStraight is the ultimate solution for all hair types and is for every client. It really is gorgeous made easy.

We live by gorgeous made easy, so we couldn’t agree more.

But what about the ease of creating gorgeous hair in Kuwait? Not exactly the same weather conditions as Epsom, right?

Arab hair is a very broad category on its own.

Humidity and the expansive range of textures and thickness makes for a very bespoke consultation that took me years to perfect fully.

You also have to work with other ethnicities with hair that is affected by the environmental stressors you won’t usually be faced with back home.

Some hair types benefit from factors whilst others (in most cases) are hindered by it. There are more things to consider which I truly enjoy as I’m always up for a challenge!

And the biggest challenge?

In the Middle East, dry, frizzy hair is one of our biggest battles. Sun, sea, and swimming pools all contribute to this. But Intense Boost Moisture Mask is fabulous at combating this problem; lasting for up to 30 days.

How has the industry evolved since you first started out?

Hair technology is so different. I feel like there are new products and techniques out every week that do different things, all of these things enable hairdressers to be able to push the boundaries and give clients more, it also means you’ve got to be on your A game and stay on top as clients have so much more access to information, we have to instantly be able to offer the latest trend the day it’s been seen or mentioned.

Where do you even begin?

I consider everything, face shape, hair length, density and texture, style, skin tone and eye colour and what type of person they are. Are they low or high maintenance? By doing this, and asking lots of probing questions in my consultation I feel I can really give my clients what suits their needs best.

There is no better feeling than making someone’s day with good hair.

 When we last spoke you gave a 2020 hair prediction… that we can expect to see the 70s shag, with a modern twist; lots of natural texture and waves. Does that still stand, since Covid?

Oh yes, we were definitely seeing some of these trends before covid, but things are moving more towards the 90s again. 

How are you finding clients since coming out of lockdown? We bet they can’t wait to get their hair done?! 

We really missed our clients during lockdown, just as much as they missed us. Lots of big roots, grown out blondes, as well as home colours and haircuts to contend with. But it’s good to be back. 

Something tells us they’re relieved you’re back! 

Finally Samantha, how can people find out more / follow you?

I can be followed on Instagram @samantha_colourist_kuwait or why not pass by for a free consultation? I can be found at TONI&GUY al corniche salon Kuwait.