Fabulous Festival Hair

Festival season is upon us, bringing the usual heady mix of music, partying and, attention-grabbing fashion. And for many festival-goers, making a major hair statement is a big part of the whole experience.  But, if you’ve ever attended a festival, you’ll know that maintaining on-trend tresses can be a massive challenge.

If long-term weather predictions are to be trusted, we’re in for a blazing hot summer this year, so one thing revellers might not have to cope with is the usual deluge of mud. But, unless you have the budget for some luxury glamping, your hair will have plenty of other challenges thrown at it.

Before you start packing your glow sticks and wellies (we all know weather forecasts can be wrong) book yourself in for an Ultimate Treatment. The unique protein-based technology will strengthen, nourish and hydrate your hair, as well as to make it more manageable – something that will be a Godsend when you're struggling to style your locks in the confines of a tent.


If you’re looking for inspiration for your festival hair look, you’ll find some great images on social media, particularly Instagram and interest, which are bursting with ideas. Festival favourites include plaits, fishtail braids and multiple top-knots. But if these more structured looks aren’t your thing, half-up, half-down messy updos are a great, easy to create and maintain look, as are beachy waves.

Whatever look you choose, remember it needs to be fabulous and functional – you are likely to be spending all day outside, whether it’s in scorching sunshine, rain, or high levels of humidity. You are also likely to be dancing a lot, or at least jumping up and down, to your favourite bands, so you want a look that won’t deconstruct as the day goes on.

If you’ve booked yourself in for an Ultimate Treatment before heading off, all of the above will be far easier to contend with. Healthy hydrated hair is far less likely to drink in moisture from the atmosphere causing frizzing, for example, and hair that has strong keratin bonds while also maintain its sleekness and shine even under the harshest of conditions.


It’s also worth taking a small but effective arsenal of styling products with you, particularly if you are planning to make a weekend of it.

If you’re looking to wear your hair down, one festival friend you’ll want to bring along with you is Glossing Texture Crème; it’s the perfect camping companion, and the ideal product to recharge your texture at the end of the day, thanks to its built-in ability to transform. The unique formulation allows you to re-activate or transform your style with a blast of heat from your travel hairdryer.

Moisture Mist is another festival favourite, perfect for revitalising hair that has been exposed to the sun all day. It’s great for adding hydration and shine to straight or curly hair – a quick spritz, and you’ll be ready to party all night.

Here’s hoping for a mud-free festival season, and we look forward to seeing all your fabulous festival hair looks on social media.