Founder of KeraStraight Talks Results

An unbelievable amount of people struggle with their hair. Which is why our mission since 2009 has been to create the best straightening and repairing treatments with a unrivalled blend of performance, speed and ease of use. Used in salons across the globe, our products have become a godsend for stylists and clients, transforming hair disasters into gorgeous, easy to manage brilliance.

Fronting the line is KS Ultimate, a powerful straightening and repair treatment that repairs hair inside and out and leaves it looking and feeling sensational without the lifelessness of chemical straighteners. To find out a little more about KS Ultimate, we chatted to KeraStraight’s founder, Jez Barnett. Not only did we get the inside scoop on what makes KS Ultimate so unique, but we also asked Jez about his personal hair care regime, which includes KS Ultimate. 

As a self-confessed victim of a curly and unruly mane, Jez swears by the KS Ultimate range. In fact, it is a staple in his hair care regime. Jez said, “It gives me the greatest ever results, both when I am educating and when I am enjoying the speed and ease (and straightening) of KS Ultimate myself. Plus, KS Ultimate delivers a cumulative effect. Every stage of the process is so rewarding, as with each treatment it’s obvious how much stronger, healthier and smoother the hair is becoming.”

But first - where did it all begin?

After an uncomfortable experience with an early Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Jez was inspired to create a product that simultaneously straightened and repaired without the need for excessive effort. Initial formula developments began in early 2008. However, the debut KeraStraight line wasn’t launched until 1 year later, when Jez finally pinpointed the high-quality results he wanted. Innovation is still alive today, with Jez revealing, “We have been testing and developing ever since, each time we find small innovations that deliver massive improvements in performance and ease of use.”

Jez on KS Ultimate

One of KS Ultimate’s key features is its quick and easy application. Unlike other straightening processes that grow out and leave straight and curly areas, KeraStraight lasts up to four months, then fades from the hair. Best yet, a great deal of your new-found strength and repair remain. Jez’s personal regime highlights the incredible longevity of the treatment. “I’ve been wearing KeraStraight since we launched in 2009 and have mine done every 10 to 15 weeks,” he said.

For men thinking about trying a KeraStraight treatment, Jez maintains that speed, smoothness and strength are the major draw cards. “I love how quick and easy my hair is. It takes me minutes and is never affected by humidity.” If you’d like to read more about KeraStraight for men, take a look at our recent blog: A Guide to KeraStraight for Men.