From A to B (the road to gorgeous made easy)

Gorgeous hair. Easy, right? 

There’s a lot that goes into delivering gorgeous hair; the right shampoo, perfect products, a great brush. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a lot of people, some behind the scenes - that you don’t even realise have played a part in you achieving your perfect hair. Let us present to you: The Distributor.

Salons rely on great distributors; it’s how they get to know about the latest brands and products, and this week we’re shining the light on Salon Promotions. We chatted with none other than the Founder himself, Neil Capstick.

Let’s do a quick fire round to bring you up to speed, shall we? 

How long have you been distributing ‘revolutionary brands for independent salons’?

It’s been over 10 years now.

And KeraStraight?

It was 6 years ago that I met Jez; he was excellent. A game changer even at that point!

Wow. Praise indeed. And you work with a range of brands?

Yes, Neal & Wolf, Alterna Cloud 9, Hot Tools and more.

So what would you say it is about KeraStraight that makes them stand out for you?

It’s well put together, has a fantastic name, and delivers on each occasion. Plus, clients love it!

A winning formula! And what about opportunities the partnership has brought you at Salon Promotions?

There’s still some salons that don’t have this type of product on their menu, and for us servicing 1,000s of salons, helping them to grow – it just works for us.  

You could say that you see salons wanting more?

Yes, especially the Ultimate Treatment.

And what about COVID, it must have had an impact, are you starting to see a change now that salons are opening /reopening?

Just with the salons being closed, that was frustrating. However, as always opportunities knock for some whilst others do nothing. We witnessed some salons smashing retail sales in lockdown by pushing hard to make some money. Some were selling clients retail in lockdown, then some started how-to blogs or videos on social media, which helped massively just helping people with their hair over lockdown generated sales for them, and us.

As for the reopening, it’s been like Christmas! Salons are getting back into the new way of working with PPE and split shifts, it’s working so well. We are finding clients are now ordering every week and the average order value has tripled it’s fantastic news.

We love that – still pushing during a pandemic, and giving people what they need.

Tell us, what about you. What’s the service you offer that most people wouldn’t think of straight away? I guess that has to be colour and general salon business development, people think we just sell products and we don’t.

Finally, what about the future?

The future I feel looks bright, we focus on our business hard by watching and listening to the market place just to ensure we stay on point and ahead of the curve.

Thanks Neil!

Like we said, gorgeous hair. Easy, right? Well, Salon Promotions help make it that one bit easier.