Get Ready for Art Team Superstar, Kaysha Green

We’d like you to meet Kaysha Green, a talented member of KeraStraight’s Art Team. As a senior stylist with Electric in Marylebone, London, hairdressing trainer and backstage fashion catwalk stylist, Kaysha has a total of 16 years of impressive industry experience under her belt. And the Art Team - a hand-picked selection of gifted stylists that showcase KeraStraight’s products at events all over the UK – benefit from her involvement. Kaysha is also excited to join the team: “’I’m loving being part of this fantastic team that represent such a beautiful treatment and promotes beautiful, healthy frizz free hair”.

Achieving more with KeraStraight

Kaysha came to our attention when she won the KeraStraight Champion Award in her company’s annual prizegiving when she was working for Andrew Barton. Plus, her ability to engage the audience delighted the crowds at Salon International. Her approach matches KeraStraight’s philosophy perfectly – she strives to provide every customer with a hairstyle that complements their personality and is easily maintainable between salon visits. 

Having used KeraStraight products extensively in her salon and fashion work and seen their fantastic effects first hand, Kaysha is a real cheerleader for the brand. She said, “It's the most amazing treatment for the client and the stylist! It allows extra creativity for the stylist as we can achieve more with beautiful frizz-free hair that is manageable for the clients. KeraStraight transforms men and women's hair, giving them the confidence to look and feel incredible and to be able to recreate the salon look at home”.

Kaysha’s hairdressing highlights

Kaysha’s hairdressing highlights include supporting a fantastic team at Symposium, participating in London Fashion Week and working on photo shoots, representing Andrew Barton's brand. She has also travelled the world since leaving her native Oxford, giving her the opportunity to embrace the challenge of working with diverse hair types and textures. 

When asked what she loves about her career, Kaysha said, "I love making clients look and feel incredible, giving them the confidence to look fabulous every day. I love transforming my clients, giving them the confidence they need to feel tall and sassy. With great hair, you can conquer the world!"

Better yet for Kaysha is achieving 100% satisfaction for her clients. Speaking about a customer who had recently had a Keratin treatment by Kaysha, she said, "She was so happy she said she could kiss me because she no longer had big frizzy hair! It also made her holiday complete as she didn’t have to worry about her hair!"