Get Ready for the Summer with KeraStraight Protect

With the summer months fast approaching, our daydreams of relaxing on the beach will soon become a reality. While most of us will be protecting our skin from harmful UV rays, how many of us will also protect our hair against the elements?

Whether you’re taking a relaxing dip in the pool, splashing about in the sea or topping up your tan, protect your hair this summer with KeraStraight Protect. A fabulously lightweight spray designed to safeguard all hair types, KeraStraight Protect is a must-have product for daily hair protection to keep hair healthy and well-conditioned.

Safeguard your hair against the elements

Hair is extremely vulnerable when it comes to outdoor elements, and should be protected at all times. UV rays are known to destroy the protein bonds in hair. Long-term exposure can cause damage including discolouration, frizziness and thinning, and brittle and broken ends. Hair damaged by UV rays can quickly become unmanageable and unresponsive to styling. Chlorine and saltwater can equally harm hair, evaporating moisture and quickly causing hair to lose its luscious silky feel.

Caring and protecting for hair of all lengths and styles is our philosophy, which is why we develop products that really work, combating hair damage at every opportunity.

Lightweight protection for all hair types

While beauty stores and pharmacies are littered with countless products promising hair protection against sun, KeraStraight Protect offers the ultimate combination of both sun and swim care. Designed for all hair types, our protection spray should be applied all over, and is equally suited to short hair. For maximum protection apply to wet hair and refresh every few hours. If you require light sun protection, spray onto dry hair from a distance of 10 inches. 

Delivering up to 8 times the natural protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays, KeraStraight Protect also includes advanced polymers which protect against the extremely dehydrating and damaging effects of saltwater and chlorine. 

Create the ultimate KeraStraight combinations

Like most of our products, KeraStraight Protect can be easily integrated into all sorts of beauty regimes, and the bottle will fit perfectly into your beach bag. After a long day at the poolside or beach, treat your hair to some nourishing care with KeraStraight's Moisture Mask or Protein Mask. Alternatively, you can use Moisture Mist as a lightweight leave in conditioner and style aid, to replenish moisture and rehydrate hair.