Get That Salon Feeling At Home

Alas, we're in lockdown again and although the luxury of visiting your favourite stylist is just a far off dream at this time, that fresh-from-the-salon feeling could still be something all hair can experience, even if it is at home.

It goes without saying, nobody does a better blowout than your stylist, and your tresses never look glossier than after a trip to your favourite hairdresser. But, and until you meet again, we’re sharing some tips to help you to mask that frizz and get that glossy, bouncy, healthy hair.

There’s nourishing, and then there’s uber-nourishing. And right now, we’re talking about the latter. 

Hair masks are like conditioner’s more intense cousin. Highly-concentrated ingredients which penetrate the hair, revitalizing whilst adding lustrous shine. 

Gone are the days of thinking that slathering on a bit more conditioner is going to be the treatment your hair needs. We’ve all been there, right? Right!

And that’s not to say we don’t love a conditioner (we very much do, especially a Moisture Enhanced Conditioner) but thankfully we have hair masks.

You know that feeling when you’ve had a facial - oh, how your pores thank you. Well, your hair deserves some TLC too. 

There’s so much that wreaks havoc on our tresses; wind, sun, heat. And, much like there’s different skin types, we all have different hair woes.

Dry, frizzy? Hair mask. Flat, lacklustre? Hair mask. Lifeless, dull? Hair. Mask. You get the point. Where there’s a woe, there’s a mask. 

“The KeraStraight Protein Mask and Moisture Mask are both perfect for replenishing damaged, fragile hair. These highly concentrated treatments are packed with lightweight moisture capturing ingredients which leave the hair not only stronger and shinier but incredibly soft to touch. The mask should be used once a week along with KeraStraight shampoos for the best results.”

Brent Barlow

Dry? Damaged? It’s time to repair, renew and… rehydrate

Moisture Mask is a highly concentrated treatment packed with lightweight moisture capturing ingredients Palmeira Tucuma and Carob Bean Extract. This nutrient-rich mask repairs and re-hydrates dry and damaged hair, leaving it feeling sumptuously soft and renewed with sensational shine.

Weak? Over-processed? It’s time to repair, renew and… reconstruct

Protein Mask is an advanced blend of hydrolysed wheat proteins, designed to repair and reconstruct your hair. It forms a protein net which transforms fine, weak and damaged hair, leaving behind hair that shines, is significantly stronger and incredibly soft to touch.

“I love the moisture and protein masks, they leave the hair feeling so soft and glossy. It literally moisturises in minutes leaving hair looking like glass and feeling amazing.”

Georgia Bell

They’re the solution to dry, frizzy, damaged hair. Your hair is your crowning glory, and Moisture Mask and Protein Mask are going to be the ones to help you shine, working deeper to heal individual strands, smooth breakages and stimulate health.

We can hear those uber-nourished hair follicles thanking you already.