Getting Your Hair Fit for the Gym

Now 2018 is here, you’re probably planning to make some positive changes. New year, new you, right? Drink less wine, eat more healthily and join a gym. All great ideas, but with the gym comes a new set of hair concerns – all of which we can help with. So, you concentrate on signing up at the gym and buying those new trainers and we’ll make sure your hair doesn’t suffer.

If you’re planning to get your body into shape in 2018, don’t neglect your hair. Now is the perfect time to indulge your locks with a KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment so that it starts the year in peak health, nourished, repaired full of shine and free of frizz. The positive effects of this protein-rich treatment last for up to four months, so that’s four months of gorgeous, easy to style hair – just what you need while you’re putting yourself through your paces on that treadmill, and getting your hair back into shape once you’ve finished working out.

"KeraStraight has an anti-humidity effect... keeping your hair smooth and manageable, even when working out."

Neil Smith - Barrie Stephen

Says Neil Smith, a senior stylist at salon group Barrie Stephen, in Leicestershire. “Having a KeraStraight treatment can make your workout styling so much easier. In a gym environment, there is air conditioning and all that body heat creates moisture in the air. KeraStraight has an anti-humidity effect, preventing this moisture from entering the hair shaft and helping to avoid frizz, keeping your hair smooth and manageable, even when working out.”

Treating your hair to a KeraStraight treatment can also make your after-workout routine hassle-free, says Neil. “if you shower at the gym, your blow-dry time will be reduced, meaning you’re not spending too much time in the changing rooms sorting out your hair! You can even head home with it wet – although not if it’s cold outside - as it’s not going to frizz when drying naturally.”

Style it Out

How you wear your hair in the gym can also help both during and after the workout. Neil advises sticking to three tried and tested styles.

“Most women’s go-to styles for the gym are a ponytail, a bun or a braid, and these certainly are the best options for a workout,” he says. “The main thing to remember with whatever style you opt for, is to ensure that all the hair is taken from around the face. If you’re going for a ponytail or bun, aim to have it sitting on your crown, as high up as possible, as this leaves your neckline open so that your hair doesn’t come into too much contact with sweat, keeping it as fresh as possible. My favourite style for when you want to feel and look good in the gym is a simple French or Dutch braid, as they are practical and on trend.”

Adds Neil: “These looks are all staple, fuss-free styles for a workout and are really accessible – you can create them in the office at the end of the day, in the car in the gym carpark or in the changing rooms just before you begin.”

Gym Bag Must-Haves

Also making your gym visits a more hair-friendly experience are the new travel sizes from KeraStraight.  Ideal for slipping into a gym bag, the range includes both Moisture Enhance and Volume Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner. Look out for these gym buddies over the next few months.