Going Natural at Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Scandinavian style is characterised by simplicity and functionality: elements that flowed through the catwalks during this Summer’s Copenhagen Fashion Week. We’re talking hair. Where once the Danish look embraced bejewelled accessories, 2019 brought a more natural, pared-back approach that epitomises our perception of this part of the world. Think loose waves and low buns that graze the nape of the neck.

This natural, subtle look works with any outfit - this year’s street smart embraced tent dresses alongside dreamy floating floral gauze, and huge sleeves - and just as important for any Fashion Week look, natural hair is easy to create.

Free Spirits

Bobs reigned supreme in Copenhagen. Short bobs, medium-length bobs - either sleek or waved - with a long fringe to draw attention. Fashion week attendees wore this style in an effortless way that showed off the natural shape and texture of the hair. This look is coming our way and with a few simple style tricks, it’s a style that we can all embrace.

Yet remember, there is no hiding with this bold cut, therefore, the secret lies in creating the perfect canvas. When you have contained frizz and added shine then the bob will work for most.


We’re going to share the secret to creating the Copenhagen Fashion Week look and it’s easier than you think. Part 1: create a healthy canvas of hair  Part 2: style with love. 

Have you indulged in an Intense Boost? This quick-fix, in-salon treatment transforms hair, repairing damage and gently moisturising dry locks. In short, it repairs hair from the inside out in under 30 minutes, rebuilding the structure and locking in moisture, leaving it ready for any look, any style. For those needing extra moisture or strengthening support, supercharge the treatment with Intense Boost Plus - your salon will advise. Once you have the canvas, your hair can be styled in any way you desire.

Add volume to fringes for extra ‘wow’. For those that dare to dial up the volume, spray on Root Boost and activate those heat-activated proteins. Tame flyaways with divinely-fragranced Ultimate Oil blended from 9 specially-selected premium oils. Smell great and look smooth. Then showcase your individuality with Texture Creme to remove frizz, add definition and shine.  Intrigued? Click here to learn more.

Copenhagen Style Notes: Keep it Simple, Keep it Natural

The Copenhagen look relishes simplicity but demands perfection. As everyone deserves strong, nourished hair - the basis of the CPHFW style - it’s time to take the initiative and get ready for when this look hits our shores. Contact your salon and book an Intense Boost. Grab your style products and embrace a healthy, natural style.