Goodbye Macaroni Necklace, Hello Pampered Hair

Remember the days when giving mum a DIY macaroni necklace was deemed a beautiful and thoughtful gift?

Remember when you upgraded? Was it chocolates? Flowers? Maybe even a picture frame?

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, maybe this year it’s time to think outside of the (chocolate) box? Maybe it’s time to picture something different? And we all know that the days of using pasta in art might be well (and truly) behind us.

So, what do you get the woman in your life, that gave you…well, life?

We sat down with Vivienne Johns, from Hunter and Walsh, to chat all things Mother’s Day: ideas; tips and…the gift of time (which apparently, is available): 

As a mum myself, I know the last thing I want to look like is that I haven't had the time to do my hair. But the truth of the matter, is I haven't!

My way to make sure I look great on the school run is with regular KeraStraight treatments, the Protein Mask, in particular, is my favourite, it restores my hair and makes it so easy to manage in the morning.

What about if you could have anything? What would that be? 

What could be a better gift than the gift of time for Mother's Day? The tired and frizzy mum bun is the staple school run hairstyle, not just because of its time-saving factor but more often because Mum's hair is looking aged and lacking in the lustre it once had. 

We’ve been told we work wonders, but we’re not sure we can create time...

The restorative KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment can help to return your hair to its former glory; adding in shine, smoothness and above all else cutting down the drying time needed to create a polished finish.

Ah, so that’s where the gift of time comes in?

You will be able to brush and go, in less time than it takes to hunt your daughter’s room for your scrunchie for your mum bun!

Oh yes, so the go-to “mum-bun” is still an option.

But what about older mums? You know, those that don’t hunt for scrunchies?

Another inevitable part of getting older and wiser is grey hair, whether you dye it or leave it natural can become more coarse in texture. KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment will smooth unruly and coarse grey hair creating a healthier and shinier hair surface which will be much easier to control. 

Any quick tips? A pick-me-up fix?

Add extra gloss to your locks KeraStraight Ultimate Oil, a blend of 9 specially selected oils that penetrate and restore lustre and beauty to your hair. 

I can literally add two drops of Ultimate Oil to my hands, warm it up and smooth it over my hair before pulling a bristle brush through my hair and I'm done. I spend more time on my lipstick than I do on my hair!

Thanks, Vivienne! Maybe this year’s Mother’s Day gifts will last longer than those praline truffles, pink peonies and (macaroni) pasta?... And maybe we should add lipstick to the list?