Great Hair Whatever the Weather

Picture the scene: You’re ready to step outside, hair is perfectly coiffed, but it’s raining. Or it’s windy. Or it’s so humid you can already feel your hair growing outwards – and not in a good way.

Welcome to the great British weather. Sometimes it’s so generous, we experience every type of condition in one day.

Curls can drop and lose definition, your straightened sleek locks welcome the odd few kinks, and then there’s the frizz; which doesn’t shy away from any hair type. We can already hear the cries of Monica, “It’s the humidity!”

What can be done?

From scorching heat to blistering winds, one thing’s for sure when it comes to maintaining your styled tresses whatever the weather; its condition. It may go without saying, but having healthy hair is going to be what gives your hair that fighting chance, despite the varying odds.

Start with the Foundations

Maybe you’re needing a salon expert to help you achieve hair that is stronger, repaired, straighter, easy to manage and gorgeous to touch? If so, ask them about KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment, a semi-permanent treatment that has been designed to transform even the most difficult hair. Whether your hair’s dry, damaged, hard to manage, or just too time-consuming, one application of KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment is a perfect solution – for any hair type.

Temperature’s Rising: Heat and Humidity

Curly and afro hair? Work with your natural texture, embrace the curls and – whether 4c or 2b – keep your hair hydrated with Ultimate Oil. Ultimate Oil can also be used to tame flyaway hair and control frizz.

Hair thick and heavy? Try Ultimate Oil and Moisture Mist together for a winning combination that will replenish your hair with incredible moisture. What’s more, they’re both lightweight, and Moisture Mist also contains heat protection.

Is your hair fine and straight? Going up doesn’t mean giving up. Master some simple up-dos; try on-trend buns and braids to keep hair from going limp and lacklustre. Whatever up-do style you choose, give it some body and strength with a Root Boost

But Baby It’s Cold Outside (and wet, and windy)

It’s a triple threat: cold, wet and windy weather. Which can then also have a triple impact on hair: lacking moisture, brittle and more prone to breakage.

So, in the face of breakage, introduce moisture. Hydrated hair is less prone to frizzing and breakage. Rescue Crème is a great collaborator in the battle against the cold. A treatment and blow-drying crème in one, Rescue Crème also repairs and hydrates hair, locking in moisture while repairing damage and sealing split ends, helping make it resistant to the effects of even the coldest temperature.

What about hydration and hold? Yes, please! Try Heat Protect Spray, which not only offers light hold for natural-looking styles, it also protects hair against the effects of heat, forming a shield around the hair shaft, locking in moisture.

So, let’s reimagine that scene: You’re ready to step outside, hair is perfectly coiffed, but it’s raining. Or it’s windy. Or it’s humid. No problem, because your hair is hydrated, protected, and it’s in great condition.