Help! What’s the Best Treatment for Dry, Brittle Hair?

Do you dream of having hair as perfect as Rihanna’s vibrant red crop or Jennifer Aniston’s choppy, layered ‘Rachel’ look, but feel that your hair is too dry and brittle to style? Are you forever visiting the hairdressers and trialling new hair products in the hope of a quick fix for dry, damaged hair? If so, you’re not alone. 

According to a survey conducted by money-saving website in 2014, women in the UK spend just under £600 on keeping their hair styled each year, and almost a month and a half of their lives at the hairdressers. 

While it might seem that keeping a short style is the only solution, did you know that you can tackle dry, brittle hair with some tender loving care from KeraStraight?

Why is some hair dry and brittle?

There are a number of contributing factors when it comes to dry and brittle hair. Unfortunately for many, hair can be naturally dry and dehydrated from the word go. Curly hair types in particular often lack moisture and can be prone to losing shine and condition quickly.

In addition to natural causes, hair can lose its moisture and shine following a range of technical services including colouring, hair extensions and ironing. The immediate environment can also play a role in your hair’s moisture, from hot, humid weather to cool office air conditioning, as well as your health and nutrition.

How can I combat dry, brittle hair?

Whether hair is strong or weak, dry or brittle, KeraStraight’s KS Ultimate Treatment will strengthen and repair any hair type and restore lost moisture. A semi-permanent hair repair, straightening and smoothing system, KS Ultimate Treatment lasts up to 4 months. Instead of wasting time and energy with mediocre products, our ground-breaking treatment delivers radiant, silky and manageable hair day after day.

For those seeking a quick fix, KeraStraight’s Moisture Boost offers a superb hydration treatment that locks in moisture for up to 30 days. Taking just 30 minutes to apply, our lightweight treatment delivers fantastic hydration without weighing down the hair. KeraStraight’s Moisture Boost is also ideal for curly hair - replenishing moisture and putting the bounce back into your locks.

Which KeraStraight treatment is best for me? 

Applying moisturiser to skin before going out for protection against dryness and damage is something most of us do without thinking, but how many of us protect our hair against damage too? Our products are designed to truly nourish and protect hair, and our aftercare treatments are just as vital.

Getting into a hair care routine can be a challenge, but we take away that hassle with our moisture-rich treatments. Applying the KeraStraight Moisture Mask for just five minutes each week can enhance the strength and quality of your hair, and offer unrivalled protection against the elements.

KeraStraight’s Rescue Crème is ideal for fine hair and can be worked into the hair before blow drying for a silky finish. For coarser hair, we recommend our Moisture Mist, Ultimate Oil and Heat Protection Spray treatments, which can be used individually or as a gorgeous combination. All three products can be seamlessly integrated into your hair care routine, and are a lightweight and beautifully-scented alternative to typical moisturisers which can leave hair feeling heavy and greasy.

Don’t let dry, damaged hair get you down - take the first step to achieving silky, radiating hair that’s just begging to be touched with KeraStraight. You can gain further insight into the wonders of KeraStraight at your nearest salon using our salon locator.