Hot Tips on Using Heated Tools

Heated tools are now part of most women’s, and a lot of men’s, grooming regimes. Whether its straightening irons, curling wands or even crimpers, we still reach for heated tools on a weekly, if not daily basis to achieve our hair goals.

It’s a fact that exposing your hair to excessive heat too often can cause damage. We’re not here to preach, but if you are a heat addict, here’s some advice that could help your hair stay healthy.

Pick Your Tools Carefully

Choosing high-quality styling tools is the first step to helping hair stay in peak health. The best person to advise you on which tools are the best is your hairdresser, so speak to your stylist about your hair regime, and the part heated tools play in it. A professional stylist will be able to make recommendations based on a thorough knowledge of your hair and how to style it effectively with as little negative impact as possible.

Probably the most important element to look for when choosing a heated styling tool is versatility. For a start, you want tools that offer you the freedom to turn the heat up or down so you can manage the temperature levels your hair is exposed to.

Says Bella Chouhan, top Stylists at the Trevor Sorbie salon in Richmond: “Tools that offer more than one temperature setting are perfect as you can monitor the amount of heat you are subjecting your hair to."

Ask your hairdresser for advice on styling your hair at home. The greater your ability with a styler, the less time you will need to take on styling your hair and the longer the looks you create will last. This means your hair will have less exposure to heat, with longer intervals between styling sessions. It will become a case of just giving hair a quick touch up as and when needed.”

KeraStraight Titanium Irons are the perfect choice for heat styling. The titanium plates feature a smooth, durable surface which protects hair from excessive heat while ensuring a smooth progress through the hair, meaning faster, more effective styling. The digital heat setting also puts temperature control firmly in your hands.

You Get What You Pay For

Never scrimp on the quality of any heated tools you buy, advises Bella. “Whatever your desired look, you need to understand the importance of high-quality hair tools, whether this is your hairdryer, tong or straightener,” she says. “Understanding the quality and size of your tools is important. One thing that differs with straighteners, for example, is the plate sizes, with different sized plates designed to meet specific hair needs. Wider plates cover more surface, which means if you have long or thick hair it is quicker to style then using a smaller size. Also, the coating on the plates differs with each brand. Better quality straighteners have a coating that lasts longer and gives shine and fluidity while running them along the hair. When this coating starts to fade or flake, the hair is more exposed to high heat, and you will feel more tugging on the hair leaving more lines and therefore you end up running over sections of hair more times, unnecessarily.”

Bella also advises considering the design of any heated tools you buy. Think about how comfortable they will feel in your hand, and how smoothly they will glide through the hair. “Some will come with more rounded shapes, some with grips and groves for a firmer hold and comfort,” says Bella. “When you’re looking to invest in your tools make sure they suit your abilities and hand shape to give you the most comfort and control while styling your hair.”

Use Protection 

One rule of thumb Bella uses when speaking to clients about using heat protection is ‘don’t do anything to your hair that you wouldn’t do to your skin’. Says Bella: “You wouldn’t go into intense heat without sunscreen, so don’t expose your hair to extreme heat without using a heat protection product.”

Continues Bella: “When choosing a heat protector, speak to your stylists about the best one for you. if your hair is fine you don’t want to go for anything with a cream or oil base as it will weigh your hair down, if you have thicker or damaged hair use one product that will repair and also protect your hair, keep it simple, but keep it relevant.”

We recommend Heat Protect, a heat protection spray which also adds to the smoothness of the hair, meaning one stroke of the irons is all that’s needed, so your hair is protected during styling and left feeling fantastic.