Beat the Heat

How to keep your hair looking flawless during a heatwave

When temperatures are soaring and we're loving the sun our hair becomes a battle rather than something we enjoy. Whether it's a heatwave or a holiday, the first thing we do is put our hair up leaving us feeling less than our best, which is sad because humidity can be dealt with so easily. KeraStraight is a summer saviour. Here's why it'll become your essential not just a luxury. 

We asked Bella, top stylist at Trevor Sorbie Richmond, what are the most common client struggles in hot weather. She said, 

"It's always maintaining style. The hair can become unruly and damaged because it can pick up moisture in the air or from the skin when it's hot or humid. The humidity will immediately attack the hairline, leaving you with a ball of frizz, far from the style you created earlier.
Also, no one wants to be fighting a hairdryer or straighteners when hot and bothered!"

KeraStraight makes it possible to venture out at the height of Summer and illuminate Bella's top struggles. 
Jez Barnett, founder of KeraStraight gives us the science behind it. 

"KeraStraight delivers incredible anti-humidity benefits due to it's low pH proteins that interrupt the hair's ability to form a curl, to not only straighten, but to keep the hair straighter and smoother for up to four months."

We asked Bella, why KeraStraight? And how does using the treatment change her offering to her clients?

"One of the many reasons that makes KeraStraight my go-to, is because the products are light and have amazing anti-humidity benefits. This gives me confidence that my clients will be relaxed and looking fabulous as they enjoy the Summer."

Once you've let KeraStraight help you conquer humidity and cut 'getting ready time' by half Bella's recommended the products she'll be keeping front of shelf and in her own bathroom to maximise effects.

"Moisture Mist is definitely a favourite. I use on both wet and dry hair and it allows you to restyle regardless if you're wearing your hair curly or straight. Ultimate Oil is simple and amazing, it's what I call an 'all-rounder'. The macadamia oil in particular contains the healing qualities you hair's in desperate need for during the Summer. I use it to style after a wash and blow-dry and also as a finishing serum to seal fly aways and leave the hair shiny and protected. All that aside.. they smell amazing!"

There you have it. KeraStraight, you're one stop shop for gorgeous and easily managed hair this Summer.