Hype Coiffure - KeraStraight's Afro-Caribbean Ambassador

Renowned for their innovation and expertise, Hype Coiffure’s philosophy is summarised by their exhilarating tagline, Be Bold, Be Hype’d. Currently celebrating 20 years of success at their Brixton and Battersea salons, the group has risen to prominence at the forefront of Afro-Caribbean hairdressing and styling in the UK. The salons have grown from strength to strength and have truly fulfilled Calvin Rattray’s dream of developing professional salons recognised as industry leaders for African Caribbean hair in Europe. Which is exactly why we are delighted to announce that Hype Coiffure has been named KeraStraight's Afro Hair Ambassadors for 2015.

Each of their 8-stylist strong Art Team has built revered reputations working in fashion, media and TV. As a result, Hype Coiffure has received over 40 prestigious awards and achievements and are recognised for their styling passion and prowess, making them the ideal Ambassador for KeraStraight.

A future of inspiring collaboration

The next few months promise nothing but excitement as KeraStraight and Hype Coiffure collaborate to produce a range of hair tutorials and exclusive photoshoots. The tutorials will illustrate the transformational effects of KeraStraight's advanced semi-permanent straightening system, KS Ultimate on Afro and mixed-race hair types.

Schola Rose, Hype Coiffure’s multi award-winning hairdresser will also be joining KeraStraight's distinguished Art Team, which consists of high-profile stylists from leading salons including Trevor Sorbie, Cutting Room Creative and Francesco Group.

"We’re looking forward to working with Jez and his team as well as sharing our expertise in this market to help both Hype Coiffure and KeraStraight grow from strength to strength.

At Hype Coiffure, we have been blown away by the transformations and results KS Ultimate has provided by smoothing and repairing a variety of Afro-Caribbean hair types, whether it’s loose curls or the tightest coils. KeraStraight delivers manageability, shine and softness to the hair each and every time so we know it will delight our clients, reduce their styling time and help make gorgeous hair easy to achieve."

Calvin Rattray, Managing Director at Hype Coiffure.

Inspirational Afro-Caribbean styling

Arguably one of the most challenging hair types to maintain, Afro-Caribbean hair can be beautifully styled in a range of ways, but requires a little extra TLC on a daily basis. With fewer cuticle layers, Afro-Caribbean hair damages easily due to its brittle nature, and the use of harsh chemicals will only cause further problems.

Hype Coiffure has now integrated KeraStraight’s range of treatments fully into their comprehensive hair services menu. Speaking about the upcoming collaborations, KeraStraight’s Managing Director, Jez Barnett, said, “As KeraStraight has proven to be so successful on mixed race and Afro-Caribbean hair types, smoothing the texture and creating gorgeous repair, we wanted to find an amazing world leading partner who could not only represent us but also guide us with their immense experience and expertise.”

With Hype Coiffure, we feel we have one of the greatest Afro-Caribbean salon groups in the world full of incredible award winning talent. We’re thrilled to be working with them and having the phenomenal Schola Rose join our ever so talented Art Team.

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