I’ve Got Short Hair - Can I Still Use KeraStraight?

Short hair has been on trend for years. For example, take a look at Victoria Beckham’s sleek and sharp graduated ‘posh bob’ or Emma Watson’s daring pixie cut and the rockabilly quiff and undercut sported by Miley Cyrus.

As amazing as these styles look, KeraStraight understands that managing short hair and styling to perfection everyday is no easy feat. That’s why our range of KeraStraight treatments and products are designed and formulated to work wonders on short hair - especially for those unruly hair types.

Reap huge rewards from KeraStraight’s family of innovative products. Do you suffer from frizz, unruliness or curls? You’ll be glad to know that KeraStraight tames and transforms even the most difficult of hair textures. The variety of treatments and products are designed to strengthen and repair even the driest and most damaged hair. So all you’re left with is gorgeously shiny and healthier hair that’s so much easier to style and manage. Here’s how KeraStraight can benefit your short hair…

Add volume and strength

Styling short hair is not always as easy as people imagine, especially if it’s fine and lacks body where it may tend to look limp and lifeless. KeraStraight’s Root Lift Spray Gel is designed to build soft, malleable strength into your hair.

Apply this lightweight gel to towel-dried hair, comb through and blow dry. The heat-activated proteins included in KeraStraight’s Root Lift Spray Gel will expand within the structure of your hair to add volume, character and bounce. Re-apply to dry hair and re-heat to achieve phenomenal hold and body while still feeling soft.

Style and protect

Whether you prefer a straight sleek bob, a short, sharp cut or ear-length curls, KeraStraight’s Heat Protection Spray combines everything you need to easily style and protect your short hair. If you regularly use blow dryers, straighteners or curlers to style your locks, it’s important to make sure they’re protected against heat damage. After all, nobody want dry and damaged hair.

The Heat Protection Spray forms a thermal shield to protect hair against heat damage when styling. With it's heat activated proteins, the spray locks in moisture and feeds strength to your hair while providing a light hold to make styling easy. And what’s best of all is that it is gorgeously lightweight and has a sensational fragrance. So your hair will not only look good, it will feel good too.

Simply spray it onto your hair prior to styling with irons or heated styling. You can also use it give your hair a quick refresh between washes, just lightly spray and quickly re-dry.

Transform and shine

Finding new ways to reinvent your short hairstyle every day is made easy with KeraStraight’s Glossing Texture Crème. The crème has a unique formula allowing you to transform your hair into multiple styles with one simple application. Add texture and shine to hair by applying post blow.

If you’re bored with your current hairstyle, add Glossing Texture Crème to dry hair and transform with a blast from your hairdryer to release amazing moldable texture and strength. No matter how many times you choose to change your style, Glossing Texture Crème is designed to revamp your look with ease and versatility, giving new dimensions to every style.

Where can I find KeraStraight’s products?

You can purchase KeraStraight Protect on lookfantastic.com and in salons around the world. Enjoy!