INNOluxe Officially Launches at Salon International

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the next evolutionary step in hair colouring - INNOluxe. Co-founded by KeraStraight's very own Jez Barnett and John Hubbard, INNOluxe is a transformative new range of instant protein repair solutions that promises to revolutionise the colour industry.

INNOluxe launched this year at Salon International 2015, the ultimate hairdressing event for professionals across the globe. And we were not surprised to see how excited the movers and shakers of the hair colouring industry were by the brand’s global unveiling. After all, Innoluxe strengthens hair inside and out, providing incredible creative freedom and limitless possibilities for stylists.


Innovation in every bottle

INNOluxe's pioneering repair solution consists of a two-phase in-salon treatment featuring INNOluxe ReBond and INNOluxe Balance Plus, and the extraordinary INNOluxe Elixir, which can be used by stylists and clients in salons and at home.

As a stand-alone treatment, repairing during colour, or a beautiful foundation for keratin services and perms, ReBond works its magic, building and strengthening hair utilising Aminobond Complex – an advanced blend of extraordinary low weight proteins and natural fruit extracts. By crafting seriously strong sulphur bonds, INNOluxe delivers incredible strength, fixing hair faster than chemical processes can cause damage. Balance Plus stabilises and fortifies the repair, meaning hair can end up stronger after colour than before.

Elixir is an intensely concentrated leave-in conditioner that boosts the hair's strength with multiple levels of flexible proteins. By adding just one or two drops to wet hair and styling, as usual, hair can be continuously strengthened at home between colour and chemical treatments for sleek, healthy salon-style hair.

What sets Innoluxe apart from the rest?

It's no secret that the use of bleach and colour restricts hairdressers' creativity. INNOluxe fixes this problem, offering greater creative freedom and flexibility through the utilisation of the latest protein technology. Even better, INNOluxe's range of treatments is suitable for all hair types too.

Whether used as a stand-alone product, a groundwork for a keratin service, or alongside a chemical treatment such as perming or colouring, Innoluxe’s technology quickly rebuilds broken sulphur bonds within the hair to restore strength and shine.

Order your trial pack today!

Stylists will be delighted to hear that INNOluxe works with all colour brands, and that trial packs (which include one 100ml bottle of ReBond, one 250ml Balance Plus, a dosing syringe and instructions) are now available through the INNOluxe website. The trial pack provides enough INNOluxe for up to 33 services as a colour additive or 10 full INNOluxe treatments.

Speaking about the global launch, the co-founder of Innoluxe, Jez Barnett said: "We were delighted to see our INNOluxe bags all over Salon International, it shows how much INNOluxe captured everyone's imagination, resulting in a fantastic global launch. Salons all over the UK and the world will be treating their clients to their best colours from this week."

Watch this space!