Introducing The Exciting New KS Ultimate Formula!

Just when you thought KeraStraight couldn’t get any better, it has! At Salon International 2015, we delighted KeraStraight enthusiasts with the launch of our powerful new KS Ultimate formula. Over the last year we’ve been making improvements, and the results speak for themselves. KS Ultimate now delivers even greater repair, strength, smoothness and straightening to every hair type.

Speaking about the launch of the new formula, Jonathan Morello, KeraStraight’s Importer for USA and Canada said, “Incredible energy around the KeraStraight booth at the 2015 Salon International. The atmosphere was great, everyone from the KeraStraight team, the models, and the watching hair stylists were all excited about the new and improved formula for the KS Ultimate! The results were exceptional, stylists and clients will be falling in love with KeraStraight all over again - we can't wait to introduce the latest formula into North America.”

Want to find out why Jonathan believes stylists and clients will be falling in love with KeraStraight all over again? Read on to learn more about our new and improved formula. Exciting times!

What’s different about the new KS Ultimate formula?

While our new improved KS Ultimate formula works with many of the same ingredients, the new protein compound featuring Cysteine (an amino acid which is rich in hair-strengthening sulphur) and Keratin (proteins that are the essential structural components of the skin, hair and nails) deliver smaller molecules.

This means that it’s easier for these wonder ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair’s cortex, rebuilding it from the inside out. When heat is then applied, the compounds bond to repair and strengthen the hair.

How has KeraStraight revolutionised hair straightening treatments?

Traditional Brazilian Blow Dry treatments were renowned for being inefficient and quite the health hazard. Mainly used for curly and frizzy hair types, the chemicals in the treatments would often create huge billows of smoke inside salons. Following a treatment, hair would often be greasy and clients would need to avoid wetting their hair for days. It was also unsafe to use undergo these treatments while pregnant or breastfeeding.

KeraStraight has revolutionised hair straightening and repair, removing any danger and ensuring that treatments are available for people of all ages and hair types. It’s even safe if you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Now with an even more powerful formula, treatments can be shampooed after just thirty minutes, resulting in clients leaving the salon with repaired and restored hair, that looks fantastic and is quick and easy to manage.

If you haven’t witnessed the straightening and repairing prowess of KS Ultimate yet, watch this video. Rhea struggled with curly, frizzy, dry hair. Not anymore. Watch her hair transform as she experiences a KS Ultimate treatment for the first time.



Melissa Gilmour’s KeraStraight story

During KS Ultimate’s development phase, model Melissa Gilmour leant us her locks to trial our new and improved KS Ultimate formula. Describing her hair as very thick, long, unruly and frizzy, Melissa felt her hair had always been impossible for her to tame herself.

After the very first treatment, Melissa was a KeraStraight convert, and simply couldn't believe the wonderful array of benefits. Many months after the treatment, her hair remained in great condition. Best yet, Melissa could straighten her hair much quicker, saving her more than an hour every time!  

KS Ultimate Before and After Melissa

Melissa also trialled our new Moisture Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner which launched earlier this year and work to combat dry, coarse and damaged hair by delivering sensational hydration and moisture. “I love the shampoo and conditioner,” she said. “I noticed a big difference when I run out and have to use a different brand. The smell is amazing too!”

Melissa has vowed to continue using KeraStraight, and has even convinced her friends to give it a try. Summing up KS Ultimate’s new formula, she said: "I thought that I would have to spend my life with hair that I hated, but having the KeraStraight treatment showed me that it doesn't have to be that way. Every time I want to treat myself, KeraStraight is my first thought!"

Model Kim Goodwin on KeraStraight

Our other model Kim Goodwin had been using KeraStraight treatments and products for a couple of years. At its most natural form, Kim's hair is mixed Afro and Caucasian which means very curly, fine strands of hair. Kim regularly had Raccoon hair extensions fitted and also dabbled with Yuko, a Japanese chemical straightening treatment popular in the 1980s & 90’s. "When I found KeraStraight,” she said, “a product which tames the mane while strengthening and repairing, my prayers were answered!" She exclaimed excitedly.

"A couple of KeraStraight treatments in, I noticed that the condition of my hair had drastically improved. I then swapped the 3-monthly hair extensions for clip-in extensions for occasional length. And now, my hair is even longer and stronger than any previous extensions thanks to KeraStraight."

KS Ultimate Before and After Kim

When asked to trial the new and improved KS Ultimate formula, Kim was at first a little sceptical because she couldn’t see how KeraStraight treatments could possibly get any better! She now looks back at the trial with admiration for the improved treatment. “KS Ultimate has gone from strength to strength,” Kim added. “And the new KS formula has topped it all. Improved application time, strength, shine and condition!”

Other KeraStraight products also feature in Kim's daily hair routine. "I love using the Moisture Mask which is beautiful, conditioning my hair without being heavy or leaving a greasy residue. I also use Ultimate Oil every morning which is very similar to Moroccan oil but without the heavy build-up feel. Lastly, the Root Lift Gel Spray gives me great volume while still leaving my hair feeling fantastic!

"Without wanting to sound cheesy, KeraStraight changed my life. It's transformed my day-to-day routine and my holiday hair - I no longer cringe stepping out of the air conditioned room and into the humid air."

Are you ready for the new and improved KS Ultimate?

If, like Melissa and Kim, you want to put KS Ultimate to the test and experience KeraStraight’s #GorgeousMadeEasy results, book your treatment today. You can find your nearest KeraStraight salon using this handy salon locator. And don’t forget – if you take before and after snaps, be sure to post them on social media, tag us and we’ll share your beautiful results!