Is 2020 a write-off for your hair?

It may feel like 2020 is a write-off, but that doesn’t mean that gorgeous hair has to be too.

Gorgeous hair shouldn’t be a thing of yesteryear (you know, when normal was...normal). A rarity. Reserved for socially distanced alfresco dining.   

Gorgeous hair should be on repeat. Effortless. Achieved by all. Enter Ultimate Treatment 

A new cut. A new colour. None of these matter if you haven’t got the hair care to take you from “it’ll do” to gorgeous. And Ultimate Treatment is the, well…Ultimate Treatment.

No one should have to settle when it comes to their hair

Our tresses shouldn’t be tired. They should be strong, healthy and full of life.

So, let’s go through some quick questions to see whether you’d benefit from Ultimate Treatment: is your hair dry? Damaged? Frizz prone? Unmanageable? Time-consuming…too thick? 

Actually, it would just be easier to just answer one simple question: do you want healthier, straighter and stronger hair that both looks and feels amazing? We thought so.

“Naturally, I have thick, frizzy and totally untameable hair. It takes me at least two and a half hours to wash, dry and style (so impromptu nights out are always out of the question). Combs break Princess Diaries-style when I try to brush any knots out, and it expands at the tiniest drop of moisture - not good when the weather is this temperamental. Enter the KeraStraight hair treatment. As a beauty writer, I'm always sceptical about products and treatments that claim to 'repair' hair, let alone totally transform it - but boy does this deliver.” 

-    ELLE, Jacqueline Kilikita

Delivering gorgeous hair is the goal. For every hair type. So, one application of KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment is a perfect solution for anyone who finds their hair hard to manage.

“W E L L B E H A V E D H A I R: Things that are out of control rn: my feral kids, my inbox, the school WhatsApp groups (47 messages saying ‘Thanks’ ‘thanks so much’ ‘great thanks!’ 🤯), the tiny clusters of crap-to-sort-out on each step up the staircase. But not my hair 🙌🏼. THANK YOU to Louise @trevorsorbie who did my @kerastraight Ultimate + Booster treatment recently. This is washed, detangled with a @wetbrushuk, rough dried with a @dysonhair dryer and brushed through with an @avedaukpaddle brush. No heat tools, no styling prods, no freaky-weather-induced frizz. And it will do this for about 4 months. For anyone with erratic, antagonistic, frustrating hair, it’s the beauty equivalent of an IV Valium drip” 

-    Alice Du Parq, Contributing Editor of Glamour

Ultimate Treatment has been designed to transform even the most difficult hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and soft to the touch.

It takes advanced protein technology; formaldehyde-free, and a combination of low pH proteins to renew dry, weak hair. It’s a game changer, and lasts for up to 4 months. 

“Word up. Trevor Sorbie salons are now offering a brand new service from KeraStraight called KS Ultimate Extra, the first salon in the UK to do so. But what does that mean? Well it means if like us you don’t have time to blow dry your hair properly, nor really know how to – we MUST buy one of those round silver brushes, then this is the answer to all your dreams…or hair-mares. The treatment repairs, smooths and straightens your locks, and not just for one wash either. This bad boy lasts a good 4 months. HOORAY. That means when you’re rushing around in the morning, leaving the house with wet hair, travelling and using hotel products not up to your usual standards or without your straighteners your hair will still behave itself.” 

-    London on the Inside

Gorgeous hair is just an Ultimate Treatment away. Why not contact your local salon *cheers that they’ve reopened* for more details.