It’s Time To Fall In Love With Autumnal Hair

Could it be? Summer is over?

We blinked and autumn is already upon us, bringing with it all the instagramable spiced lattes you can picture.

Goodbye longer days, warmer days, days with a breeze which gently tousled the curls that frame your face.

Hello cosier days, leaves on the ground days, days with a crisp breeze that blows your hair (forget gently tousling). The bright side? Those DIY fringes attempted at the beginning of lockdown have grown out just in time... and we mentioned spiced lattes, didn’t we?

But, as we bid adieu to the days which had us all investing in paddling pools – not for kids, but just so we could cool down – and make way for chunky knits and those oh so chic French berets – oh là là. We also make way for the biggest hair trend this season; the choppy, layered, shaggy haircut – did someone say low maintenance? Yes, please!

“The choppy haircut pushes its way back to trend, last year saw the rise of the mullet but 2020 brings back the shag cut, I’m calling it a lockdown layer. A cut that works well natural or styled is definitely proving popular.

If you’re wanting to get the maximum result from your hair’s natural fall and movement I always suggest KeraStraight Texture Cme teamed up with Root Boost’s an amazing combination together.”

Georgia Bell, Twisted Scissors Salon

This year – and what a year 2020 has been – autumn hair means something quite different to years gone by. No longer are we matching our new wardrobes with new, sleek, polished haircuts. It’s time for something a bit more achievable for everyone, for all hair types!

If the ‘lockdown layer’ with its full on 70s vibe of a Bardot style fringe and a playful, layered, shag cut just isn’t your style, then why not opt for something just as low-maintenance and just as impactful with a very simple switch-up?

Whether it be on short, medium or long hair, I have seen a trend for deep side partings this season.

“It can be a great way to completely change your style without cutting. It also works well if the hair is straight - I recommend KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment to keep hair healthy - blunt and heavy or big, wild and curly, making it super versatile.”

Brent Barlow, Klub Salon

Maybe you’re looking for something to simply give your hair a boost; some TLC after that scorching heat wave we had (you know, when everyone in the UK decided to go to the beach)?

“Sadly summer has come to an end and our hair is maybe feeling a little dryer than usual - as I’m sure many of us have spent lockdown with our hair tied up or making the most of the sun - what better time to give your hair the nourishment it needs?

KeraStraight Intense Boost is the perfect solution. By consulting with your stylist you can decide on a treatment that is tailored to your hair. Whether your hair is lacking in moisture or needs strengthening, the Intense Boost will leave your hair feeling youthful and nourished, and is a perfect way to help prolong your KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment.

Louise Foard, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie

So, transitioning from that warm summer breeze into that crisp autumn air just isn't quite that easy. But can be made just that bit easier with hair to fall in love with (and that spiced latte of course) wouldn’t you agree?