KeraStraight and Afro-Caribbean Hair: Your Questions Answered

“Will KeraStraight work on very curly, Afro-Caribbean hair?” is a question often asked by both customers and salon partners. The short answer is yes - KeraStraight products have been formulated to suit all hair types and will create a straighter shape even on the curliest of hair. But African Caribbean hair is unique and treating it can be different from treating other hair types. With that in mind, we’ve created this detailed guide crammed with all the information you need to know about KeraStraight and Afro-Caribbean hair.

What are the Characteristics of Afro-Caribbean Hair?

For those wishing to wear their hair smooth, Afro-Caribbean can be the most difficult hair to maintain. It can be beautifully curly and styled in a myriad of ways, but often requires special care and attention. Afro-Caribbean hair can be easily damaged and in some cases quite weak and brittle. It also has tight curls which can knot and tangle easily.

Which KeraStraight Treatments are Suitable for this Hair Type?

All KeraStraight products are designed to suit African Caribbean hair:

  • KS Ultimate is a new gel based universal formula appropriate for every hair type and client. It provides fast straightening and repairing and is, therefore, very kind to Afro-Caribbean hair.
  • Moisture Mask delivers incredible hydration that lasts up to 30 days. It’s virtually weightless, which is why it’s ideal for Afro-Caribbean hair.
  • Finally, Protein Boost repairs and strengthens hair, and it works especially well on Afro-Caribbean hair. As a bonus, it delivers beautiful softness and shine.

How Long Will the Benefits of a KS Treatment Last?

KS Ultimate gel treatment lasts up to 4 months. How long it lasts exactly depends on after-treatment care and frequency of washing. Both Moisture Mask and Protein Boost treatments last up to 30 days.

Will KeraStraight Completely Straighten Afro Hair?

With KS Ultimate, we have devised a gel based formula that transforms all curly hair without the use of harsh chemicals. It is designed to provide up to 100% straightening for virgin, resistant, very curly and Afro-Caribbean hair. However, there are many types of Afro hair, and so the final results will depend on the individual.

Hair with an incredible curl energy or what is known as 4 A, B or C will be looser, repaired, softened and much easier to manage. But it will still retain a lot of curls. Hair with less natural strength will be a great deal straighter, and in many cases even completely straight.

“We have been blown away by the transformations and results KeraStraight has provided by smoothing and repairing a variety of Afro-Caribbean hair types, whether it’s loose curls or the tightest coils.

KeraStraight delivers manageability, shine and softness to the hair each and every time so we know it will delight our clients, reduce their styling time and help make gorgeous hair easy to achieve.”

Calvin Rattray - Owner of multi-award winning Hype Coiffure

What After-Treatment Products Do You Recommend?

After the KS Ultimate gel treatment, we recommend clients use the Moisture Enhance or Volume Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner to maximise the benefits and longevity. These luxurious shampoos and conditioners are also perfect aftercare following one of our Intense Boost treatments and we always recommend using a Heat Protection Spray to prevent damage.

Can Hair Be Styled As Normal After Treatment?

Yes! Hair can be worn curly, straight, up and down after treatment. And since it will be so much easier to style and manage the client may even find they can do more with their hair.

Once the hair is repaired, we do recommend looking after your locks and using Heat Protection Spray to protect against new damage. One of the enormous benefits of KeraStraight is that as soon as the hair is shampooed, clients are free to enjoy their hair however they like!

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