Claire Solman in the Spotlight

We are thrilled to have Claire Solman as part of the KeraStraight Art Team – she is a gifted hair stylist with almost 30 years of industry experience. Having founded her successful salon, CF40 Hair Experience Salon, just outside the Welsh capital of Cardiff fourteen years ago, Claire is a member of the National Hairdressers Federation Art Team and her salon crowned a winner in the 2014 Welsh Hairdressing Awards.

A vibrant and exciting profession

No two days are alike for Claire and she loves every aspect of her profession - from product training to day-to-day salon styling to photographic work. Claire is currently busy with several high-profile fashion shows, as well as her salon being the official salon partner of the Miss Wales pageant 2015 grand final. During the event, CF40 will be tasked with styling the hair of 40 finalists over three hours ready for the catwalk.

KeraStraight champion

Claire is a massive fan of all things KeraStraight. She is passionate about our treatments & products because they really work. When asked to provide tips for first-time users of KeraStraight, Claire suggests starting with the Intense Boost - our ground-breaking protein and moisture masks which will lock in moisture and strengthen hair for up to thirty days. However, one product that stands out for Claire more than any other is KeraStraight’s Ultimate Oil, “because it does what it says on the bottle, and there's no other oil that beats it!”

A flair for hair

Every member of our talented Art Team has a true flair for hair and brings something unique and exciting to the table. We’re thrilled to have Claire on-board and the whole team profits from her wealth of experience and hairstyling ingenuity. 

Speaking about the passion Claire exhibited during her Art Team audition, KeraStraight founder, Jez Barnett said, “Claire has unstoppable positivity and inspires everyone around her with her incredible energy, charm and experience. Claire gave a stunning presentation on our 1st Art Team auditions. She totally understood the brief of showcasing gorgeous hair in the most creative way. The work was stunning and her presentation passionate.”

When asked about Claire’s defining moments with KeraStraight, Jez continued, “It’s always a highlight working with Claire, but so far her work on our KS Style shoot and her co-comparing at Salon International are the stand out moments. Hopefully Claire will be co-hosting Salon International for us this year.”

If you‘d like to keep up with Claire’s news and updates, you can find her on Twitter.