KeraStraight Art Team in the Spotlight - Henry Stevens

Life for Henry Stevens has always been about his passion for hair styling. Henry is Trevor Sorbie's youngest ever fully qualified stylist and now works as a stylist in the Richmond branch. Henry’s made giant strides since his humble beginnings at a local barber’s shop at the age of 15. 

A spirit for styling

In a recent interview, Henry described his life at Trevor Sorbie: “My job is my world. It's never been work for me it's always been fun! I'm heavily influenced by my team and iconic hairdressers, and most importantly passion! Passion breeds passion! My ambitions in my career aren't to be a hairdresser in the media, but to be recognised on the same level as the gods in my industry are!”

It is this enthusiasm, coupled with Henry’s incredible skills that appealed to KeraStraight’s founder, Jez Barnett, and the rest of the team. Speaking about Henry’s talents, Jez declared, “Henry has an incredible ‘can-do' attitude and the skills to back it up. He has an incredible maturity beyond his years which allows him to focus on his client’s needs, which is such a vital commodity with all hairdressers, and an absolute necessity at Trevor Sorbie. Henry was fantastic at Salon International - the way he interacted with the models and the audience as well as showcasing beautiful cuts on stage.”

A rewarding role

Henry is the first to admit that there are many perks to his role other than monetary, and he speaks passionately about his many positive experiences with satisfied clients. 

“I once had a client who had lost her hair following chemotherapy treatment and was told that it would never grow back. Her best friend recommended she came to see me, and I could see that I was her last hope of getting her hair back and to feel like the beautiful, feminine lady she once felt. I spent five and half hours with her - it took me four hours to cut her wig and she spent the next hour and half cuddling and thanking me. That was one of the best moments for me!”

Henry’s KeraStraight toolbox

Henry is a huge advocate of KeraStraight and strongly recommends KS Intense Boost as the perfect introduction to KS Ultimate. He loves that the results of the products speak for themselves, and that the whole KeraStraight family truly offers lightweight, frizz-free and stress-free finishes for all hair types.

“The reasons I love KeraStraight is that once you have mastered the simple techniques, it will do exactly what you want it to do. You can use it on absolutely any hair type and it will not only benefit the hair in a humongous way, but completely transform the condition dramatically.” 

Henry’s toolbox always includes KeraStraight’s Ultimate Oil and Glossing Texture Crème, which he adores for their healthy, shiny finish. “As a hairdresser performing high end services, it's extremely important that you have 100% trust in all the products and services, and with KeraStraight that's exactly what I have!”