KeraStraight Art Team in the Spotlight: Introducing Matthew Roskell

Matthew Roskell is a rising star on the Midlands styling scene, which is why we are so happy he is part of the KeraStraight Art Team. With 6 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Matthew plies his trade at Francesco Group in Weeping Cross, Staffordshire.

Having trained at Stafford College at the age of 19, Matthew launched his career in the beauty industry to pursue his passion for hairstyling. And - as an example of his meteoric rise - last year became a finalist of the prestigious HJi 2014 Midlands Hairdresser of the Year Awards.

Art Team Superstar

The KeraStraight Art Team is a group of talented, trendsetting leaders in the hairstylist industry. And we are proud have Matthew as a member. The Art Team showcases KeraStraight’s products at events, shows and seminars across the UK, and Matthew brings his love of glamour, opulence and big bouncy textures to the mix.

Only the best stylists are part of the KeraStraight team, and Matthew is that and more.

Lust for Learning

Matthew’s enthusiasm and dedication to learning, experimenting and continuously pushing the boundaries of hairstyling is what makes his services so appealing to his clients and fellow stylists alike, and a sought-after member of the KeraStraight Art Team. “Being part of an art team offers me the opportunity to expand my skill set. I have always loved learning, and feel you can never know enough in this industry,” he admitted in a recent interview.

The Future is (Kera)Straight

When it comes to KeraStraight treatments and products, Matthew is a huge fan, and promotes the brand to his clients at the salon and through his own work. “I love offering KeraStraight to my clients for one main reason,” Matthew proclaimed. “It allows them to create the salon smooth results that I can achieve in salon, and this means that my clients are a great advertisement for me and Francesco Group, Weeping Cross.”

If you‘d like to keep up with Matthew’s news and updates, you can find him on Twitter.